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Random flying photos thread

Yesterday I had the chance to do something very unusual (for me!): a photo sortie with a microlight. My employer asked me if I could take some aerial photos of his production sites for a new brochure and since his aeroplane is not really ideal for that kind of work, we hired a microlight with removable doors (+ pilot/instructor of course as I am not qualified to fly it):

So I really enjoyed this short flight at 500ft with nothing between me and the summer breeze over some lakes of the "Oberlausitz" region, where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet.

This lake is called "Blue Adria", a former mining pit that gets it's colour from the minerals in the water. A few years ago, the remains of a WW II fighter were recovered from that lake:

The iPad led me to the photo sites:

And this is the new solar power plant at "our" airfield, almost one square kilometer of solar panels. Quite a few electrically powered gliders and microlights may get their power from it in the not so distant future:

And there they depart again, without me - one day I must get myself a microlight license, that's all the private flying I will ever need and want to do.

EDDS - Stuttgart

Great photos everyone, and I especially liked the switch from CJ to C42 by what next. You say you're not qualified, but if you still hold a SEP rating you should be able to get checked out without getting a UL license. I'm doing that myself, but on a CTSW. Same thing though.

ESSB, Stockholm Bromma

Santa Rosa (SERO)

Perhaps not the most exciting picture in this thread, but look at the ominous clouds! We stayed below them upon arrival at this big airport; but the 2nd leg would take us into the lower Andes mountains. It was quite a climb to get through it, and enjoy an otherwise sunny flight to the Peruvian border!



My two passions (apart from my family) are aviation and photography. A few pics from recent flights:

Badbury Castle near Swindon

Thames at Oxford


Crop Circle near Avebury

Draycot Farm

Crop Circle near Avebury

As much as I look out for them, I've never seen one. Those extraterrestrials really pick very special sites...

EDDS - Stuttgart

Very good pics.

I have been inside some crop circles. Sadly I didn't have any gear for measuring the radioactivity

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Nice seeing the coast near Llandudno, it means my ETOPS operation (Engine Turns or Pilot Swims) has been successful :-)

North Wales

Andreas IOM

After 3 1/2 years, we have just about completed the major 182Q rebuild. I first flew it on Tuesday, and exploring all it's capability.

It is the first Cessna piston floatplane with the reverse mod. My observer video'd it today as I landed:

[Youtube URL fixed - just get the "share" URL from the Youtube site and drop it straight into your post e.g.

http:/ /

  • Peter]
Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

My wife after her first solo:

She did redecorate our bedroom shortly after:

Our Jodel. 138 KTAS in FL75 out of a [email protected] Fastest piece of wood in North Germany :-)

The mandatory panel picture:

Our Cessna. 1961 C172B (Landing in Friedrichshafen for the Aero. Got strange "Vectors" from ATC...):

The mandatory panel picture:

The Backseats:

The heart of the plane:

Our MS894:

The mandatory panel picture:

My student has forgotten her ladder. So her instructor had to fill in.

Our Club has a similar understanding in treating airplanes:

Eastfriesian Islands:

Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

Pilot DAR: that muffler you have on the C182Q looks remarkably similar to what I have on my C172. It was required to meet the requirements of the low noise category but they changed the definition and the aircraft no longer meets it. Is yours for the same purpose? What's the make?

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