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Random flying photos thread

FWIW: setting of prop pitch, low-tech approach.

@Alexis: thanks for the hint, I couldn't find the "posting hints". And though I eventually did, no amount of editing will get the photo to show up, even when the example from the "posting hints" does.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Grob 140 TP over Mindelheim Airport

Flying through Morocco

A JetProp Malibu with Aspen Avionics

Sherpa Bushplane landing on island in Columbia River near Portland, Oregon

My friend Tom, the movie stuntman flying his Grumman Goose over northern Texas

Airbus A380 wing before Installation, Toulouse 2008

The very first prototype of the Columbia 400 (Cessna 400 today)

That Grob 140 was my "very interesting" plane, until Grob dropped the project and then went bust. I have a pic of it above my desk, with the pilot flying it probably the same bloke who later got killed during a customer demo of their jet... The 140 was going to cost €1.5M. Grob clearly never had the resources to develop it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter, if you want photos of the 140TP, i have made many!

It's a totally dead product though, isn't it?

I would have liked a "simple" unpressurised turboprop like that, though I can see the business case is poor, which is why all the TP "tourers" are pressurised.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter, I loved the TP140 and I think it COULD have been a success with pilots who wanted the maximum versatility. After all it is fast turboprop with large windows, four doors - and it is fully aerobatic too. Okay it is not pressurized but it would still be a great concept. The problem is that Grob didn't have the funds to get it certified ...

If you want 'simple, unpressurised' turbine single you might investigate

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

I like the Tucano, but "simple"...? Why do you think it's simple?

I think the only "simple" SET currently on the market is this one:

EDDS - Stuttgart

One high profile UK forum poster, who claimed to have been involved with the original Tucano RAF flight tests, reported that the RAF Tucanos were built by Irish shipyard workers and the airframe length varied by as much as 20cm.

They started making them at one end and made each bit to fit onto the previous bit, until they got to the other end.

As a result, the flight behaviour varied from one to the other, with some being almost unable to exit from a spin.

The other contender was from Embraer but political factors (unemployment in N Ireland) overuled it.

What I liked about the Grob 140 was that it was a proper 4-seat tourer, with a ~1000nm range. That is actually useful. A short range e.g. 500nm is of little use in Europe.

What Next - the Pilatus website pulldown menus down't seem to work in FF but I take it you mean the PC9 or PC21?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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