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Update of JAR PPL to EASA

Alas I have to do this due to a change of address.

The last time I contacted the CAA, it took several months to get a reply that indicated they had not read my Email properly. Two questions -

The form asks whether I have my logbook endorsed by the CFI to say that I have completed radio-navigation training to a satisfactory standard. I haven't, and I have - it's part of the JAR syllabus. Do I need to send my logbook in to my instructors to get them to sign it or can I just leave the box unchecked? Reading around, I get the impression that it's only there for people who are upgrading from a national license.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to getting a national licence now in order to fly Annex-II aircraft? I don't plan to do this any time soon, but would prefer to leave that option open for the future. Presumably the revalidation requirements are similar for the two licenses so I'm just wondering how much additional expense/hassle this would incur.



Since you already have a JAR licence, I don't believe the bit about radio navigation applies to you.

An EASA licence (in the UK anyway) is also valid to fly Annex-II aircraft, so you don't need to get the separate UK only PPL licence unless you have specific UK only ratings that need to be kept on it. I've heard of several people getting the extra UK only licence not realising they don't need it.

(This is only my opinion, it cost you nothing and is worth what you paid for it. But I hope it is helpful).

EGBJ, United Kingdom

Thanks, that is useful.

I think the CAA could make the bit about radio navigation clearer though - my logbook is marked with lesson numbers, but not endorsed by the flying instructor. Also a hassle to find the examiner's ID number, which shouldn't be necessary.


I applied for the EASA conversion and got it back today (24 day turn-round).

I was given the same advice re the radio-navigation sign-off from a "Head of Training" at a flying school. I agree it should be clearer. Especially as you can't rely on anything you are told on the general enquiries number at Gatwick.

Looking at the licence: it was nice to see my English proficiency level shown for the first time, but it was a surprise to see "Nil" marked against "SEP (land)" and "Night". As they were in a column headed "Remarks and Restrictions", I suppose they describe a lack of restrictions, rather than remarking on the absence of the ratings!

Now that I have seen the new license holder with its multiple tiny pockets, I can understand why people might cut up their licence to fit in the pockets. I have been told that invalidates the licence!

Booker EGTB, White Waltham EGLM
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