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Crossing danger area D203 - Sennybridge [UK]

I'm sure this is a school-boy question but I just can't seem to find the answer.

I want to fly to Wales. My route would take me through D203. That area is marked on the chart with * meaning there are by-laws that say unauthorised entry is prohibited. My question: how do I get authorisation? I can't seem to find any mention of DACS or DAAIS for that area. Does that mean I can't get authorisation and will have to fly around it?

Fairoaks, United Kingdom

Since when do you need permission to cross a danger area? If it required permission, it would be a restricted area in case that permission was never granted, it would be a prohibited area.

You can freely cross danger areas if you can handle the odd bullet through your wing...

I'd call London Information on 124.750 or whatever is the closest frequency. They wont authorise you, but they might tell you if there is anything that might be of concern. Its probably a miliaty training area, or one of the places where they test unmanned aircraft. I foudn the statement below from a NATS document dates Jun 2011 (AIC Y 052/2011).

"EG D202C projects to the East of EG D202B and will be activated by NOTAM at specific level blocks between FL 100 and FL 225. The area is intended for UAS flights where the use of EG D202B alone is insufficient for the planned activity. This element also provides connectivity to the existing Sennybridge Danger Area (EG D203)."

Since when do you need permission to cross a danger area?

It's an old question.

AFAIK, the UK danger areas are in two categories: those which don't have byelaws, and those which do.

If there is no byelaw, you can fly through it. It may not be wise but you cannot be prosecuted.

I tend to avoid them all so this is the limit of my knowledge.

I have no idea how you find out whether there is a byelaw and what it might say.

London Info should be able to get the activity status for most of them, even if they have to make a phone call to find out.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks for the replies so far. London Info might be worth a shot but ideally I would like someone to contact before I get airborne.

I did specifically state in my original post that the area IS subject to by-laws that prohibit unauthorised entry. I agree that not all danger areas require permission to enter but this one certainly does. I'd need a military unit to say I have permission to enter. Anyone else have any knowledge of this?

Fairoaks, United Kingdom

AIP ENR 5.1 is your friend:


Vertical Limits: Upper Limit: ALT 23000 *1 Lower Limit: SFC OCNL notified to ALT 50000 Upper Limit: ALT 18000 *2 Lower Limit: SFC OCNL notified to ALT 50000 Activity: Live Firing / Bombing / Para Dropping / Demolition / Unmanned Aircraft Operations Hours: *1 Mon-Fri 0800-1800 Winter (Summer 1hr earlier). *2 Mon-Fri 1800-0800 Winter (Summer 1hr earlier) and Fri 1800 - Mon 0800 Winter (Summer 1hr earlier). Service: Nil. Remarks: SI 1974/1773. Sponsor: DTE.

OzRunways.Com - iPad EFB for the World

Live Firing / Bombing

Thats why I do what Peter does and try and just go around them if I can.

I just read it as UAVs dropping bombs from parachutes trying to demolish the surface to air battery taking pot shots at the UAV.

I'm giving them a wide berth

OzRunways.Com - iPad EFB for the World

Obviously I don't want to cross the area while live firing is happening and UAVs are operating. That's why I'm after contact details. I don't believe the MoD drops bombs continuously Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00. There will be periods during those times when the area is 'cold'. I'm led to believe they're very good at allowing people to cross DAs.

AIP ENR 5.1 is your friend

Yes, except that it doesn't give me contact details. It just tells me what they do and when they do it.

Fairoaks, United Kingdom
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