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Flying at BCMT (beginning of civil morning twilight)

Hi guys,

I am new PPL pilot and wonder about flying at BCMT.
For example: Today BCMT at LOWG airport is 0537z (0637lcl). That means I can depart VFR at this time. If I look outside my window at the same time, everything is still black as night.
Has anyone here experience with flying VFR at BCMT? The first little brightness usually starts half an hour after BCMT.
I am used to fly at ECET, but that seems to be some really different situation regarding brightness.

Thx to all :-)


Sweden, Sweden

BCMT = beginning of civil morning twilight
ECET = end of civil morning twilight

It’s about 30min before sunrise and 30min after sunset.
Those are the limits (at least in Austria) you are allowed to fly day-VFR

how is the cloud cover?

I suspect he means morning and evening twilight, although I’ve never heard or read of these acronyms before.

There are three different ‘twilights’, civil, nautical and astronomical. For a complete definition see here

AFAIK, the one relevant to aviation is Civil Twilight.

around-the-world wrote:

Those are the limits (at least in Austria) you are allowed to fly day-VFR

Our posts crossed, what you are referring to is Civil Twilight.

Thx for the clarification
yes, i mean civil morning twilight. Here in Austria & Germany we officially call it BCMT & ECET.

So, any experience flying in morning twilight? Of course weather must be good enough.

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T/O on Monday night slightly after ECET – but started the engine around ECET.
Towards the West there was some light (very little) – with an easterly wind I had to start on 08 and it was pitch dark.

So, yes at the beginning end of the twilight periods, direction makes all the difference.
A bit of clouds – even in the far distance – also makes a big difference.

EDM_, Germany

I landed yesterday 5mins before ECET. It was ok to land.
But in my view it seems to be darker at BCMT.

Thread title updated.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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