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LFLP - Annecy

Planning to go here on our week’s tour in July and have just been reading this……

Do I need training to fly into here? is it difficult?


If you’re not a commercial operator, and you come in an SR22T (takeoff distance somewhere around 420 meters), then the requirements don’t apply as per in the excerpt that you posted above.

I’ve flown to Annecy VFR and would say that it is not particularly difficult. But you should of course be familiar with the basics of flying with mountains all around.

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Thanks clarifying. I haven’t done any mountain flying. Was planning on flying in IFR from LFKC.


Personally, I wouldn’t go IFR to Annecy in anything but VMC or very light IMC (i.e. a situation where I know I can cancel IFR and land VFR). But that is my personal limit which is of course a very personal assessment of my own proficiency and risk appetite. I wouldn’t say you need mountain flying training for Annecy. Just be very careful if there is a lot of wind.

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The tricky bits at Annecy are that the approach and departure take you over a local high point, so you really want to respect those plates! And indeed if it’s very windy that’s a bit uncomfortable. But you don’t need mountain or site specific training for Annecy (unlike say, La Mole).


One trip report to Annecy is here and another is here

For sure, you need to fly the approach plate correctly, but the same applies to Shoreham EGKA 20

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Remember there is only an approach to 04, so familiarise yourself with the circle to land. The preferred departure is on 22.
Although the comments about windy conditions are surely worth considering, it often seems to be a light enough wind to land on 04 and take off on 22.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

Peter wrote:

the same applies to Shoreham EGKA 20

Very true, Shoreham is one of the few airfields in England where not going below the vertical profile is actually important!


I have just had some emails with Annecy and they say this

but I cannot see anything in the AIP which is currently here

Before this, I had a “discussion” with “Achraf” about the costs and parking. Apparently if you arrive IFR, or at the weekend, handling is mandatory even below 3000kg. So I asked what about cancelling IFR (“Y” flight plan). He says you can’t do this, but how can the airport tell? You could cancel IFR 50nm out.

Otherwise, arriving Friday and departing Monday, March 2016, I don’t recall it being especially expensive:

Landing: €10.00
Parking: €67.20 (approx €1/hour)

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

A lull in the recent horrors of weather here in the Alps yesterday afternoon allowed for some flying. I decided to brush up on my IFR skills and do an appprach into Annecy, have coffee and fly back VFR…
Now first of all I could not get a FlightPlan (z) to validate in RocketRoute so after giving them a call they sorted that for me. LFHN, LFLB, AMVAR which would then get me on the AMVAR9P arrival followed by the RNAV Z (gnss) for 04. 120NM for what is basically a 5 minute VFR flight ;-)

Arriving over Chambery I was told IFR arrivals on weekends are no longer possible for SEP planes. This is where I admit I had not read the NOTAM that supposedly indicates this. However, going back to my briefing pack, I cannot find a NOTAM that says that. There is wording in the AIP around PPR AIP however nothing about SEP no longer being welcome IFR.

My FPL never got activated and I landed VFR at Annecy before departing back to LFHN… this despite the whole PPR nonsense and the fact they now no longer accept IFR to VFR traffic. The gentleman in the tower was very insistent to ask me if I was on a FPL.. Views?

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France
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