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Aerodrome Webcams - New iPhone/iPad app

Just thought you might like to know about WEBCAM AERO for iPhone or iPad.

The app has just been launched and features a collection of over 800 European aerodrome Webcams plus closest METAR+TAF

The developper is giving away 50 free apps - contact him via Facebook - :wall: - for a free download code.

You'll need to mention "AEROBUZZ" and indicate your preferred version, iPhone or iPad.

If you can't be bothered with Fesse Book, you can just fork out € 3,99 or whatever it costs in the UK.

No affiliation!


Thanks for the info - sounds a good idea - though I want to watch my a/c rather than some windsock or clubhouse verandah.

I guess its effectiveness will be down to the airfield putting up adequate webcams.


The English version will be available in 8 days apparently, speaking to the developer and will be distributing some more codes for the English version also!

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