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Manchester and Liverpool zone crossing - VFR

Just to clarify that SkyDemon depicts the LLR in white purely to identify its existence separately from the rest of the Manchester zone, and the non applicability of full Class D rules within it.

Interrogating the airspace type on SD shows that it is indeed still Class D and not class G.

Egnm, United Kingdom

It is? When I interrogate it, it shows class G:

Selecting the ‘Manchester low level route’ right arrow also does not mention airspace D.
This I think is a recent change (I noticed it about a month ago and thought ’That’s curious…’)

If in reality it remains airspace D, and the CAA doesn’t re-extend its derogation then they are going to have to run a lot of GASCo courses.

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Andreas IOM

The 2019 1:500k SOUTH chart shows it clearly as Class G

but hilariously the 1:500k NORTH (2017 is the last I have) chart shows it as Class D. Note the exact position of the CTR SFC-3500 label between the two charts

In the N chart the label straddles the vertical dashed line so it clearly applies to both sides of it

I don’t know if the N chart came out in 2019.

they are going to have to run a lot of GASCo courses.

The Gasco “sentence” seems to be used less now. During 2019 they top-sliced about 20/month from the CAS busts and sent them to Gasco; rest got warning letters. More recently the numbers are much lower and clearly they can’t keep running that course on that. I guess the EuroGA publicity and eventually my own summary (which is getting over 1k hits per month) must have helped. During the one I went on they presented a case of a pilot who busted the Barton ATZ which made the system appear in really poor light.

I’ve done that route a few times and would never do it again. Half the traffic there is non transponding so you get nothing on TCAS and everybody is at 1300ft. However, VFR pilots don’t get much of a choice.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The latest EGCC CTR chart from AIP-UK, dated January 2020, says “Manchester CTR D 3500-SFC” smack in the middle of the LLC.

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ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

According to NATS EGCC charts, it is SFC-3500:

It IS area CTR-D, right?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Kind of makes a mockery of this change to follow SERA, if they can still exempt the Manchester LLR from it (the ATC clearance part). If they can exempt the Manchester LLR, then surely they could have carried on with the below 3000’ and 140kt exemption everywhere else.

Andreas IOM
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