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Multi Engine Self Fly Hire

As a recently qualified CPL and having the letters MEP stamped on my licence I'm keen to make used this with some self fly hire in the South East of England. Finding an aircraft or rather, an owner that is willing to hire out their aircraft is quite possibly the hardest thing to overcome.

To keep the MEP one needs to fly ten sectors a year, and without a job this only boils down to SFH, ok with four up and 'wet bottoms' in the Seneca my instructor when failed an engine on takeoff would say "would you like an engine failure with six on board and half thanks" so realistically with any chance of living I wouldn't want to be more than four up anyway.

There seems to be next to no syndicates in the south east and not many to self fly hire from that are in any half decent condition. Any suggestions?

Presumably, Mike, you have checked out the DA42 on your doorstep?

I would think they will rent it out. I recall going up in it when rented by someone, years ago.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Where are you based? I know of an 'N' Reg Baron that can be rented. One of the engines is off at the moment.


Most insurance companies appear to demand at least 100 hours on type these days. It's that old Catch 22 situation as ever.

Well done on the MEP!

Andy, Mike

What do you think the demand would be at Shoreham for a Tecnam 2006T, available both on a group/syndicate basis and also available for ME conversion, revalidations and IR training?

I'm looking at the Airways Flying Club at Booker as a model, at least for the training option. See: and the downloads (bottom right) for more info.

It would need to be tied to an ATO, of course, and possible downside would be the new rules for ATOs under EASA and CAP 804.

Swanborough Farm (UK), Shoreham EGKA, Soysambu (Kenya), Kenya

Mike, if yo want to look further afield, you could go down to Aerodynamics in Malaga. They have a few twins flying (Duchess, Seneca). These tend to be rather busy with ME/IR students, but you should be able to rent one. No idea about current prices, though.

My previous post was incorrect. Airways Flying Club now operate a DA42, but there are two Tecnams (one glass, one analog) at Tecnam UK based at Staverton.

Swanborough Farm (UK), Shoreham EGKA, Soysambu (Kenya), Kenya

mikeparsons84 - Congrats on you CPL and MEP. You guys/gals will soon out number us PPL's at Shoreham. :-)

I presume you have made enquiries at the local flight school at Shoreham that operate a Seneca? I know they do hire it to PPL MEP's, so why not CPL MEP's BUT dont know if they have "hour" restrictions.

Cheers and safe flying.

Always looking for adventure
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