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Accident LPSO C172

Details are still very scarce and based on media, with the usual knowledgably wisdom in the subject. A C172 (twin engine, according to the media) crashed approximately 0.9 NM final RWY 03 LPSO with a Pakistani student pilot on board. It was a night flight, last night.

LPSO is the home base of GAir (currently part of the L3) pilot school (where I did my PPL and night rating), both 03 and 21 are very straight in approaches with no challenges. If you approach from the East, it can complicate just a bit but that was not the case since the crash is already on the short final, possibly on the point from base to final.

For now I can only see two possibilities:
- mechanical failure, or
- lost of control: excessive bank, lost of situational awareness, low speed;

At the end it is a loss of a life of a fellow pilot.

LCLK, Portugal

From Portuguese forum (https://aviaçã;topicseen#new)

Cessna 152, CS-DGU, pilot reported not seeing the runway, witnesses reported seeing plane bank abruptly before falling to the ground.

No mention yet on official accident investigation site (

EHLE, Netherlands

Sad. Runway has a good visibility approaching from both sides. Did a couple night approaches there.

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LCLK, Portugal
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