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Foam for Brackett filter?

Any idea where to buy replacement foam? My shop was unable to order the stuff!

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

What is the P/N? Brackett make many filters. In the TB20 for example you buy the foan insert from Brackett, for about £10.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi, I assume it should be for Extra 400. Do you have Extra part number of any brackett number for your filter? Or do you have ipc (part catalog for your aircraft)? I just did basic search and did not find Extra aircraft in any spec for air filters :-(

LKKU, Czech Republic

Thry Adams in the UK, if that fails , then Spruce in the US.

Last Edited by Michael at 21 Mar 07:59

Two other popular UK sources are Saywell and LAS Aerospace.

Adams closed my account some years ago, saying they sell only to “trade” which in the case of an owner they defined as having 2 or more planes! This had all the signs of having had complaints from maintenance shops. I believe they have since reversed that but I haven’t used them since

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks guys. It is indeed an Extra 400 and I do not know the P/N. Will need to dig into the AMM and/or the equipment list.
I also heard in the meantime from the shop that they managed to order them finally. Will ask them where from…

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland
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