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Fuelstop Portugal/Spain before Atlantic Crossing

pamplona always had avgas on my trips
try to say u are commercial and give them some vat id number helps in spain to get fuel cheaper


spirit49 wrote:

He flies a Bonanza
The Ferry tank is an approved setup, and was recently used on a lot of longer x-country flights in Africa, even at its maximum range.
So its a well proven system.

I sure as hell wouldn’t do the crossing in a single piston via the Azores.

Last Edited by JasonC at 21 Oct 20:31
EGTK Oxford

Looks like Vigo will be the best option.
Fuel at around 1,90€ + Tax pr liter

Has anybody fuelled 100LL in Santa Maria before?


JasonC wrote:

I sure as hell wouldn’t do the crossing in a single piston via the Azores.

In that regard it probably helps to be 19 and fearless. Matt Guthmiller Bonanza Route I had opportunity to meet Matt briefly at the end of his round the world flight and my biggest impression was that he seemed nonplussed, like he’d just stepped off an airliner!

Yep, it works everytime right up until it doesn’t.

EGTK Oxford

If it had to be Portugal, I found the cheapest AVGAS in Coimbra (LPCO) ind July.

We had to cross the Atlantic last year in October in the other direction and planned to do it via the Azores. In the end we had to fly via Greenland because there was no AVGAS in St. Johns. However, we had an eye on the weather in the area for a few weeks. I don’t think winds will be very favorable on the Azores-Newfoundland leg, this time of the year.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

He ended up fueling in Vigo today.

Airport fees was 30€ in total, and the fuel was around 2,30€

He is now enroute to Santa Maria.

SPOT Live Tracking

Winds seems very favourable for tomorrow on the Santa Maria-St.Johns flight. Keeping a bit souther track he could even pick up some tailwind.
It will be a lot better than his predicted 45 knots HeadWind.

Last Edited by spirit49 at 22 Oct 18:12

Holy cow, he flies at night in a single engine piston to the Azores? And he does that in one day from Hohenems/Austria? Not for the faint hearted I’d say.

Last Edited by achimha at 22 Oct 17:43

Wait a minute – he’s flying a SEP Spain – Azores at night? I’m not averse to overwater and night VFR but the combo…..While in the end it probably doesn’t matter, these are bigger cojones than I have!

@achim – our posts crossed. And then tomorrow on to St. John’s…..

Last Edited by 172driver at 22 Oct 17:45

And people fret over Southend to Le Touquet

EIWT Weston
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