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GA Airports ideally located

We all know Venice Lido airport which is located very nicely and well connected using public transport, close to lido beach etc…

I would be interested in similar GA fields (around Europe) concerning location, things to do in close proximity (walking distance public transit, beaches, hiking, skiing etc…).

No point in flying somewhere for 1.5 hours to be stuck in the middle of nowhere taking 2 hours to a city centre, right?

Please share your experiences, hidden gems and suggestions.
Thanks alot!

EASA CB IR Training

Sheffield City Oh no, they got that one.
How about Kjeller, Norway. Walkable to the train station at Lillestrom, 10 mins from Oslo City Centre.
Or Kilkenny, Ireland, walkable to town.
San Diego International, walkable to the Marriott. Oh sorry, you did say Europe
Well, there’s .. er .. um ..

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

Frisian islands (Juist, Langeoog, Norderney, Wangerooge…) – always worth a visit to slow down and relax. Holiday atmosphere, close to the beach, no motortraffic (other than aircraft :-) on most of them.
Definetely Speyer. City in Walking distance, Technology Museum

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LHHO Hajdúszoboszló
Within walking distance (5 min) to one of the largest spa complexes in Central/Eastern Europe. Further 5 min to bus and coach station.

Hajdúszoboszló LHHO

Partizanske LZPT, 5 min walk to thermal spa.
Padova – LIPU – 5 min to bus stop or 25 min walk to the center.

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EISG Sligo (Ireland) is just on the edge of the village (about a 10 minute walk from the terminal to the village centre). There is a huge beach there and a few places to get some lunch, oh and plenty of surf schools!

EGJA Alderney (Channel Islands) is also well located, and the whole island is pretty much walkable from the airport.

EIWT Weston

EDAY Strausberg Berlin. Located next to the S-Bahn station for a convenient ride to the city center.

LKLT Letnany Prague. Located next to the metro for a convenient ride to the city center.

You get my theme

Almost downtown. 10 minutes by car to the Borghese Palace.

Almost the center of Palermo.

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Tököl LHTL

Wow thanks guys for the great resonance!
Will check back in 2 weeks when I made it to San Diego with my Pa-28 ;)
Seriously, keep it coming!

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EASA CB IR Training

There are actually many many GA airfields in Europe which are close, within say a 15 minute taxi ride, of a nice location.

It depends on what you regard as a nice location, of course. I would say Mali Losinj LDLO and Brac LDSB are very close to very nice locations, but some people prefer a busy city with Macdonalds to a small town on the Med coast where they can sit in the harbour and eat fish

Even my UK base, Shoreham EGKA, is a 10 minute walk into Shoreham town which despite having a tanning salon and a nail bar (these are the usual precursors to total delapidation ) has nice restaurants by the river.

What Europe does lack is GA access to big cities such as London or Paris, at a price which infrequent visitors would just about pay, say below €100. I am sure we have various past threads on that one… Too many of these are in the €500 region which is a joke.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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