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Galileo satellite system (merged thread)

Galileo plans to charge for instrument approach use

Just read this in one of UK's flight training rags...

Whilst basic navigation services will be free of charge according to the EU, high precision applications including, possibly, use for instrument approach procedures, is expected to be available only to paying users

Can anyone work out how this would work?

As I see it, they would have to

  • Ban any LPV approaches in Europe (because they are all being designed for USGPS+EGNOS)
  • Publish new LPV approaches which are specified "Galileo-only" on the plate
  • Setup a billing system via the LPV-capable GPS manufacturers (Garmin for GA, others for bigger stuff)
  • Make Garmin (etc) charge for the decryption/authorisation keys as a part of the Jepp database (bundled in the database cost)

If they didn't bundle the cost of keys in the Jepp database cost (i.e. impose a straight tax on Jepp's EU subscriptions) they would need to de-publish conventional approaches (NDB/VOR/ILS) otherwise people would mostly fly those, to save money, because weather is only rarely below the minima for those. And they would fly them using USGPS, in the OBS mode, etc.

Am I the only one who thinks this proposal is completely bizzare?

It was being bandied about years ago, but then it was "realised" that decryption keys expiring at say midnight might be a safety hazard, so the idea of charging was dropped.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Maybe you will have to enter your credit card number into your Garmin?

Today installing and operating a precision approach (ILS) costs a lot of money. Setting up an LPV approach also costs money (for shuffling paper) and I assume there might be a Galileo fee in the future, paid for by the owner of the approach.

A few airfields around here with GPS non precision approaches charge an extra fee when using the approach (for example EDMS Straubing). The reason they give is that they have additional costs for having the GPS approach (the regular calibration flights) and want to pass that on to the pilots using the approach (instead of increasing the landing fee for all pilots).

I agree that setting up an LPV approach costs money. However it is trivial compared to the cost of an ILS which runs into the millions of £. Upkeep is the big difference though. ILS equipment must be continually maintained - not so a GPS approach.

Charging at the Gallileo level would be stupid. Can I just choose to use the US satellites?

EGTK Oxford

Do GPS approaches require calibration flights?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You have to invest in paper (and cost) to get your aircraft certified and now user fees. What a lovely way to improve safety.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

Can I just choose to use the US satellites?

or even Glonass?

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

That is why I wrote that if they want to charge for approaches, they will first have to ban flying them with the US system - with all the implications that would have for e.g. Garmin having to develop heavily functionally modified products for the EU.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Do GPS approaches require calibration flights?

I think they need survey flights but can't see why they need anything once they have been set up.

EGTK Oxford

Do GPS approaches require calibration flights?

According to the AFIS at EDMS yes. I think this also has to do with ensuring obstacle clearance. Trees can grow, etc. The airport also has to be connected to the ATC system which costs money.

Yes but ground stuff is surveyed from the ground. You don't fly a plane down the "glideslope" with a long tape measure sticking out and see how far down the treetops are

ILS calibration is done to check the ILS radiation.

With a GPS approach, there is nothing to air-test.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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