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GAMA / IAOPA - collecting data on GA

This popped up on email and looks worth posting here. The questions were written by somebody with some intelligence Stupidly, the back button doesn’t work (you lose the lot) and the website disables the mouse scroll wheel…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


It only took 5 minutes in reality. Hope it helps.

Upper Harford, United Kingdom

Survey completed.

Thanks for heads up. Think I made it in four…

ESOW, Sweden

The surveyed is a bit biased – especially about the question of having a GA dedicated field in metropolitan areas – I will pay to land at an airport where there are good connections where I can pick people up, I don’t want to be banished to some airport 20 miles from town with no transport links, looking at a recent flightchops video where they were losing their minds over a 170 dollar fee for landing and handling at LAX I was comparing it to the 410 euros PPR fee for landing at Eindhoven – LAX vs Eindhoven bit of a stretch to compare those 2.
There should be a market solution to these ridiculous landing fees, whereby prices are set by how busy the airport is, late night or midday at most major airports is pretty quiet.
And Avgas duty – if they set the duty so that the airport price matched super 98 forecourt that would be fair or even +5%)- the current flat duty just kills us.

Hi everyone,

Here is a survey in English, French or German for aircraft owners and operators.
We are gathering statistics in the EU in regards of improving the EU data and therefor improve the organisation, the regulation and more important the safety of generql aviation in Europe.

The survey ends on the 31st of January so only a few days left to participate and share within you personal and/or professional network.

Have a wonderful day, many skies and safe flights,



Welcome to EuroGA, Cate

I’ve just done this survey. I recall doing a similar one some years ago. It is a good one, with questions written by people who know about GA.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I completed it few days ago.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Me too.

@Catebr where&when can we see the results?

What about the p revious ones? I could not find them on your website!


LESB, Spain


EBST, Belgium
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