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Glycol/TKS fluid (merged)

I got mine for the SR22T directly from Aero-Sense in Belgium. Great service and nice guys.
Now, with the PA34-200T and boots, I don’t need the TKS anymore, other than that I bring some along to clear the wings of ice before departure early morning if there is ice on the wings. I put that in a garden sprayer.

EHRD, Netherlands

OK, so I looked up what I can find about it on the relevant COPA threads:

Our state DOT aeronautics inspector was doing a study on TKS shelf life and they have been documenting the pH. They are seeing a drop in pH at about 2 years. Not sure if that helps or not. I don’t even know what the baseline pH would be…

Just noticed form an older post that Davies says the “official” shelf life is 2 years but people have used it longer than that.

Ryan Sloss: After time the pH levels of the TKS Fluid can change causing it to become corrosive. I’ll put up our certificate of analysis for the TKS Fluid on our website today which lists the range for appropriate pH levels.

Couldn’t find it on your website, but the pH spec from DTD406B is:

7. pH Value The pH value of the material shall not be less than 6.0 nor greater than 7.5 when determined by the method described in Appendix 1.

APPENDIX I Method for the determination of pH Value The material shall be diluted with an equal volume of distilled water (pH 6.5-7.0) and the pH value of the diluted material determined calorimetrically. In case of dispute the pH value shall be determined electrometrically, using a glass electrode.
Our certificate states the same 6.0 – 7.5 for pH level. I have posted the link below.

I don’t know if that helps or not… No explanation other than reference to an “aeronautics inspector” is given for this degradation and shelf life. I suppose if you test the pH yourself and it is still within limits, then you can continue to use TKS beyond its date.

Im going to test it and see what the value is not that Im going to do anything about it.

Just checked with the one of the Manufacturers and found out they want 1399 Eu w/o Vat and no shipping for 215 Ltrs Ouch

Time to look to the East.

There has to be a supplier of glycol somewhere on this continent.


look here:

30 Ltr. für 180,90 EUR
60 Ltr. für 241,80 EUR
120 Ltr. für 427,20 EUR
220 Ltr. für 686,40 EUR

For people who are not to far from Paris I buy it from Aerolithe in le Plessis-belleville
I ordre some last week, around 5,5€ per liters in 20L drum


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

Try this:
or this: (Czech language :-)

We normally don’t allow adverts here (unless the advertiser participates generally an usefully in the forum) but rather than just deleting it I looked that one up and it appears nothing special – expensive!

Mind you, this other branded product is even more

I wonder if there has been a recent increase in these products? Admittedly Silmid is always top-price.

This looks a lot cheaper

With my new full TKS system I will be looking for a competitively priced solution

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’ve come across another supplier: Far North Aviation

The appear to sell a composition they get mixed in bulk by a chemicals company:

The composition is made too DTD.406B (British Specification) or more commonly known as TKS406B.
This consists off :
Ethanediol (BS.2537) 85% Volume
Isopropanol (BS.1595) 5 % Volume
Distilled Water 10 % Volume

From vague memory this sounds like one of the permissible TKS fluids.

From CAV Aerospace:

When it comes to suppliers of TKS fluid we just ask that it meets the specifications of DTD406B and is filtered. Typically the suppliers we suggest significantly filter the fluid to around 0.5-1 microns. The reason for this filtering is that it preserves the life of the filter on you aircraft and system.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

CAV inform me that they like to filter the TKS fluid down to 0.5 to 1 micron, so that the filter in the TKS pump module doesn’t get clogged up too soon.

I looked into getting such a filter and it looks like all the options for anywhere near 1 micron are in this format

i.e. a large filter housing used for domestic water, and then you buy the cartridges. That one is actually 5 micron but it appears that 1 micron cartridges do exist.

Does anyone actually do this?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes Ive done it and it requires a pump to force the TKS Fluid through.
Its probably easier just to buy Lab grade Glycol which does not need to be filtered and add the alcohol and distilled water. You have just such a supplier there in the UK for a reasonable price.

I called the company that someone on this thread suggested in Germany for a quote but after giving them the company name etc (US company they decided that since the company was US based they would not give me a quote even though it would be shipped within Germany or Hungary). I tell you what morons are running around this world. The trouble is that you have to interact with them.

I was perfectly willing to ship TKS here in a 55 gal drum but Nooooo EU trade barriers went up in 2015 or 16 and could only ship in 5 gal containers adding to the cost. Some free trade.Eh?

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