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GNSXXXW operators - what database subscriptions do you carry

If you operate a GNS430W or GNS530W in Europe, what database area of coverage do you subscribe to?

KUZA, United States
That’s my Jeppesen subscription:

IFR Paper Chart Services.AEUR01.Europe.Enroute Low.Content
Electronic Chart Services.Avidyne.EX 500/5000.Avionics
Electronic Chart Services.Europe.JV MFD IFR.Coverage
Electronic Chart Services.Germany.JV MFD VFR.Coverage
NavData.Coverage.Avidyne.EX5000, EX600, EX500.International
NavData.Coverage.Garmin.GNS 400/500 Series.Central Europe

(I don’t have “W” devices, but coverage is the same)
Last Edited by Flyer59 at 16 Feb 13:51

Also “Central Europe” for my 430W.

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

Central Europe too

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

Central Europe

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

This thread (which references some others) is worth a read.

There is much confusion in the database coverages.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter Mundy and mdoerr, can you verify if your subscriptions are for GNS430W or GNS530W?

Last Edited by NCYankee at 16 Feb 17:19
KUZA, United States

I have the same “Central Europe” on a GNS430W. However, it contains a lot more than just Europe, including Africa.

430W – for coverage see Link

Last Edited by Peter_Mundy at 16 Feb 19:41
EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Does any GNS430W/530W user have the international coverage that includes all but the Americas?

KUZA, United States
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