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Goodbye Cambridge (EGSC)

Can this be true?

It was announced this afternoon (May 14) that the owners of Cambridge Airport, Marshall, will relocate their Newmarket Road site.

Family business, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, has said it is considering three potential new locations: Cranfield, Duxford and Wyton.

It has said it will continue to prioritise “supporting and retaining our existing valued and highly skilled workforce” through the move.

Marshall has said the Cambridge Airport site could provide space for 12,000 new homes as well as about five million square feet of business and commercial space

Last Edited by TimR at 14 May 13:01

That’s horrible.

Especially given the lack of IFR options in the area.

What sort of aviation activity profile is there these days? There is a very posh bizjet handling outfit; I once walked into their reception by mistake and they sent me straight out Presumably they are making money.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The UK has a fine reputation, following the unregulated privatization of airports, to show how it can be destroyed so easily.

Last Edited by James_Chan at 14 May 14:01

Real shame; unbelievable! An airport with all the “big airport” infrastructure being shut-down. Now you’re left with Norwich in the north-east who are a real rip-off on fees.

That combined with no visiting aircraft’s on weekends for the foreseeable future….


And Bourne as good as closing too


Surely there must be sufficient net worth in that area to form a consortium to run the runway and a portacabin for landing fees?

How many billionaires are around Cambridge?

This may not be the best expression but it is time UK GA stopped bottom feeding off everybody else and grabbed the bull by the horns, stuck their hands in their pockets, and did something to secure a decent facility.

You don’t need ATC and you don’t need ILS. You can fly DIY approaches in Class G, into an unlicensed airfield. Set the base landing fee at £30 and that will keep out most of those who can’t do the radio.

The runway will not disintegrate for some decades.

This really isn’t rocket science.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

No immediate panic needed as Marshalls will still be running EGSC for several years (possibly a decade).
But after that their plan is to sell it for housing to finance a new engineering base. And with Cambridge City always expanding they will have no trouble getting the City Council to approve it.

Cambridge EGSC

Especially if they make it so awkward for visitors to fly in, traffic drops off, so they can say “well there’s not demand for an airport anyway”.

Andreas IOM

It is sad to hear but after many attempts trying to fly there, I always end up in Duxford (when going GA with friends to visit Cambridge) or Southend (when looking to fly approaches) and they were more convenient for many reasons…

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

How many billionaires are around Cambridge?

There will be one more as thats the figure that I have heard is being banded around

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