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Greek islands 2014

I never understood the TO business at greek airports. When I was at Kerkira a couple of years ago (off season), there were 3 telecommunication officers to handle maybe one flightplan each day! And then they even addressed it incorrectly…

LSZK, Switzerland

Here is the final writeup on the Corsica-Greece trip 5-22 September, complete with some input from Justine.

It’s a very long writeup and it has been suggested that splitting it up should be considered. However, I am not likely to do another one anywhere near as big again

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

So… of all of the Greek islands, if you had to recommend one, with an airport, to visit for two weeks on a family holiday, with good food, nice scenery, beautiful beaches, pretty towns. Which one would you choose?

EHLE, Netherlands

The most beautiful island you can fly to is Kithira

Those pics are not photoshopped, though the 2nd one used a polarising filter.

I went there in 2011

No fuel and no customs so go via Corfu, as usual.

For 2 weeks, especially with kids (they get bored fast and don’t generally appreciate “scenery” much) you may want a bigger place where there is more to do, and that will involve sacrificing something. Crete has a lot to offer.

Justine and I find we have “done” any given place in 5 days, easily.

Beware however that the Greek islands tend to be pretty basic, unless you splash out on an expensive hotel. The bed mattresses might as well be made of plywood…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Excellent write up Peter !

JayBeee since you will not be flying with airline (I assume) the MOST wise thing to do with GA aircraft for two weeks is to visit TWO islands (at least).
This gives you time to relax plus the oportunity airlines do not offer, multiple places in short time but enough time to relax.

LGMG Megara, Greece

If I were to recommend (only) two these would be Kithira LGKC, as Peter recommended and Milos LGML for a family relaxing vacation of two weeks.
Both no AVGAS and customs but they do pay back with what you get there.
With a fill up at Kerkira LGKR, used also for entry & exit, they are both within easy reach.

LGMG Megara, Greece

I second Milos, as an on/off native. There are well over 40 excellent beaches suitable for all wind directions, lots of things to do. Scenery is just amazing.

On this flight, German ATC were particularly unhelpful, citing “active military airspace”. On one occassion, one stroppy lady ATCO sent me a long way off track saying that she had 20 Ryanairs to despatch in the next half an hour.

On reading this, I couldn’t help be contemplating what her reaction might have been if you reminded her than an aircraft in the air has right of way over one on the ground :D
Probably a bigger avoid!

EIWT Weston

What a great way to spend a Saturday evening. I’ve just read through your trip and looked at all those amazing photos. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’ve got to fly around there some day!

TB Jockey
YCFS, Australia
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