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Hamburg Advice

Next month, I and two of my flying club friends, will take our Piper Arrow II to EDWQ Atlas Field in Germany for the PocketFMS flyin.

I asked awhile ago for some suggestions for enroute stops, and following that advice, we’ve settled on two nights in Strasbourg, two nights in Koblenz and two in Hamburg before arriving in Atlas.

Can anyone offer any advice on which airport to use for Hamburg?
EDDH Hamburg seems like a big city airport. Are they friendly to GA, or would I expect to get fleeced for all sorts of charges and handling?
Would EDHI Hamburg Finkenwerder be more suitable for GA?
Both seem equally distance from the city centre.

There seems to be plenty of other options too within 10nm of the city, but I’ve no idea what public transport is like from them? Eg EDHO Ahrenlohe and EDHEUetersen as well as a whole range of glider fields (does GA use glider fields in Germany?)

Obviously I’ll ask the airport directly about costs, and figure out public transport etc, but any advice that would help point me in the best direction would be much appreciated!

It will be a VFR flight, with 3 people on board and two nights parking if any of that is relevant.


EIWT Weston

EDDH is a big international airport – but from what i heard and read very GA friendly and not too expensive.

Hi Colm, I’ve been to Hamburg EDDH a couple of times. It’s a busy airport with two crossing runways.
It’s GA friendly. I paid 60EUR total for landing + one night parking with a DA40 in April 2015. Not bad for an airport which is comparable to Dublin in terms of size.

Can’t advice you on the VFR procedures as I’ve been there only IFR, but the general advice would be: It’s a major airport so be well prepared, make sure you know what to expect, know the VRP’s, study the taxi charts, etc.

IFR you will be squeezed in between the landing airliners, keeping up a high speed until short final.
I got taxi instructions while flying on short final, and I wasn’t the only one

Regarding transport to the city center: The GA terminal is on the other side of the airport, and the main terminal is about 3km away.
You can take a taxi or use the free bus which is driving down to the nearby long-term parking.
From the main terminal you can take train S1 to the city center.

I remember the landing fees at EDDH to be pretty ok, but what kills you is the parking charges. So depending on how long you want to stay, EDDH might not be so attractive. Fairly busy, they opened the Director when I was landing, but pretty straight forward.

EDHI is Airbus’ factory airfield, so it depends on your connections to Airbus on whether they let you land there.

I have no personal experience, but Uetersen EDHE might be an alternative.

LSZK, Switzerland


Hamburg airport is great due to it’s location and scenic approach. Very short taxi ride to the S-Bahn.
Figure 60€ for ladning plus 30€ per every 24h. Your choice if that suits you.

Finkenwerder is 100% closed for non-based GA.

Your alternatice is Uetersen. It’s grass but a long runway, good opening hours and many GA aircraft, including many retracts and Cirruses ar based there. It’s maybe 20€ to land and another 10€ for parking per night. It’s a 20€ Taxi ride to the next S-Bahn station.

Ahrenlohe is private and not available.

Should you consider Lübeck (EDHL), let me know. It’s IFR, very good opening hours has very moderate fees. But it’s a train journey to Hamburg. Still, a day in histroric Lübeck might be an option, too.

P.S. Don’t do two days in Koblenz…(unless you hire a car and tour the Mosel area).

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

EDDH works well with GA but fairly costly. They have a specific GA terminal and as usual it’s not permitted to walk the 100m between the aircraft and building so they pick you up and charge for it.

The fuel truck arrives within minutes after landing.

To leave the GA terminal it’s a 5 min walk to the bus station, which takes you to the main terminal, from there you can take the train to the city.

As other have pointed out in earlier posts, it is busy. Last time I waited 20-30 minutes or so from startup to tkof. It was an IFR flight and I got a special departure clearance, directly after tkof turn left to the VOR. When I took off I thought I’d wait until 400ft or so before the turn, but no, ATC instructed me to expedite the turn at just 200-300 agl :) probably had an airliner on final who needed the space in case of missed approach.

I support everything that’s been said above, including specifically bosco’s advice to maybe reduce Koblenz to one overnight (though do ask for the courtesy car they offer at the airfield) and to consider Lübeck, too. It’s very scenic indeed and I doubt the train ride to Hamburg would take much longer than, e.g., from EDHE Uetersen.

Regarding EDDH and EDHE, my own, very personal experience with both airfields (and it’s obviously not representative at all):

Everything was great at EDDH, the people at the GAT were extremely helpful and friendly from the beginning. Granted, I spent a great deal of time there (like every evening for almost a week) due to the engine problems I had earlier this month. I also like the café (“Himmelsschreiber”) at the GAT – not for its abundant choice of food and drinks (which it has not) but for its neat location, allowing a great view over the apron, the runways, and the main terminal. I haven’t received the bill for my stay yet, especially with respect to the frequent transfers between GAT and aircraft, so let’s see if that changes my mind.

In contrast, at EDHE, I wasn’t so happy overall. I thought radio (INFO, obviously) was, if efficient, a bit rude at times and the total experience was not nearly as relaxed as at EDDH. The opening hours aren’t really great in my view (but then I’m spoiled at my home base which closes at 22:00LT).

Essen-Mülheim (EDLE), Düsseldorf (EDDL), Paderborn (EDLP), Mönchengladbach (EDLN), Germany

Thanks guys for the advice. It’s exactly what I was hoping for, and gives me a perfect overview of the options.

I will look at the possibility of Lubeck too.

Regarding Koblenz, we’ve planned two nights. But that is really just one day, and perhaps an afternoon/evening. By the time we check out of our hotel, get to the airport, fly to Koblinz and check into the hotel there, it will probably already be well into the afternoon.

Thanks for the advice about the courtesy car at Koblenz! I didn’t know about that, and it could be very useful!

Thanks everyone.


Ps. If anyone feels like poping over to the PocketFMS flyin at Atlas, you’d be more then welcome. Will be there 13/14 June.

EIWT Weston

Errmm….sorry. A typo in the dates above. That should be 20-21 June at Atlas or anyone who would like to come along! (I’m departing Dublin on 13 June).

EIWT Weston

Re the courtesy car in Koblenz, I just checked their website again. It’s not exactly free and not for overnight, but still a fair deal for those visiting the area and in need of some regional mobility:

VW Caddy

You can rent our VW Caddy for very favorable leasing rate. This vehicle is powered by compressed natural gas and equipped with an internal navigation system. The all-inclusiv price of 10€ includes 50 km and fuel, every further kilometern costs 0,30€. You don’t need to refuel, it’s inclusive.

The car cannot be reserved and you are not entitled to availability. We don’t borrow the car for overnight use.

Btw. I work in Hamburg weekdays at the moment, usually Mon-Wed or Tue-Thu, so if you are around and not all too busy, send me a PM and we can meet up for a drink or dinner.

Essen-Mülheim (EDLE), Düsseldorf (EDDL), Paderborn (EDLP), Mönchengladbach (EDLN), Germany
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