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UK CAA allows medical self declaration (PMD) for certified aircraft within the UK

I wonder if the limitation to G-reg is legally valid. After all, you have FAR 61.3…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It’s also a shame that it’s against UK policy to issue a UK PPL

You could then get an ICAO recognised pilot license on a medical declaration.

I also know a guy who needed an FAA CPL and he passed the FAA Class 1 medical without any problems. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to do the same for an EASA class 2 and it caused him some inconvenience and cost.

“It’s also a shame that it’s against UK policy to issue a UK PPL”
When I converted to an EASA PPL, less than a year ago, for an extra charge I was also issued with a new UK PPL.
And I still have the lifetime licence I held. Nothing to say it’s invalid.

EGPE, United Kingdom

Yes you can do that. But if you have no licence at all then they will not issue one . Legally they can but it’s against their policy.

Also the original one is now invalid. I think I know this because I renewed a UK ppl which had expired by some 20 years. The student then applied for an EASA PPL and the CAA said his original PPL was invalid because some 5 years ago they reissued it in the new format when he get an RT licence. The student had forgot about this and never presented to me. I was a little displeased when a letter was received saying the examiner should not have done that.

The CAA also charged him 90 quid to move the rating from the back of this licence onto the front plus the PPL issue fee. So they didn’t do to badly out of it.

Of course none of this could be true because I’m not really sure the CAA know themselves.

Last Edited by Bathman at 03 Nov 20:24

My license was re-issued in 2006, when I changed address on retirement.
PP######J/A. New format – “Priveleges may be exercised at night”. Validity “for the holder’s lifetime unless revoked, suspended, or varied”

EGPE, United Kingdom

Yes they will recognise the one issued in 2006 but they won’t recognise the one you held before that.

Or the CAA were talking rubbish.

Or I am miss interpretating you.

Last Edited by Bathman at 03 Nov 20:43

It’s also a shame that it’s against UK policy to issue a UK PPL

How can it be UK Policy to break the Law ANO Art 152?

Grant, renewal and privileges of United Kingdom flight crew licences
—(1) Subject to article 172, the CAA or a person approved by the CAA for that purpose must grant licences of any of the classes specified in Part 1 of Schedule 8, authorising the holder to act as a member of the flight crew of a non-EASA aircraft registered in the United Kingdom, if it is satisfied that the applicant is—
(a) a fit person to hold the licence; and
(b) qualified by having the knowledge, experience, competence, skill and physical and mental fitness to act in the capacity to which the licence relates.

Last Edited by Tumbleweed at 03 Nov 23:36

If they don’t comply with Art 152 you can file a Regulation 6 Appeal.

This was actually pointed out to them but they said it was still against their policy to issue one. I never took it any further than that.

There have been many reports over the years of someone engaging a solicitor to get these things sorted, and that was before the CAA lost so many people as they have in the last few years. If this mattered to me I would definitely do it.

Against that one has to balance the possibility of them getting revenge at some later event e.g. a CAS bust. These things can get “personal” since there are very few individuals involved, and looking at their posts on UK forums (under fairly transparent nicknames, once you know the real names) and some comms I’ve had with them, not much would surprise me.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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