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Your 2018 flying year, how many hours, and aspirations for 2019?

120+ hours for me, most of them doing microlight FI (airplane), nothing special for myself; it could be more but the regular job hindered the flying time.
For the next year, resigning the regular job and dedicate to flying – just joking for now, but still a plan for some time in future. Seriously, have my students get their licenses, do some more free flights and get my nano trike project into the air. Some are pushing me towards a PPL but I am not convinced why I would do that.

LRSV, Romania

byteworks wrote:

resigning the regular job and dedicate to flying

I did that – “sabbatical” for 18 months, getting FI rating & instructing to get a couple of people their PPL and my restriction removed. Never looked back.

Of course, assuming you can afford the drop in income for 18 months, it all depends on the confidence you have to get a job afterwards. I had the impression that I actually got credit for doing that, rather than a penalty for being “out of the market”. But maybe I was just lucky.

Biggin Hill

This year was special not in terms of total flying time (80 h) but in finally achieving to fulfill one of my dreams, owning an airplane.
After acquisition I was “forced” to do some flying to break in the OH engine ;-)
Did nice trips to Montpellier and Innsbruck.
In retrospect I made only one fault in purchasing an airplane: waiting to long :-)
Looking forward to enjoy “Cardi” for the years to come.

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I completed my CB-IR finally and I’ve flown a few cross countries I had planned for years due to the brilliant weather. Flew to EKBI to visit Legoland with my oldest, and I flew to Duxford for the IWM and to Autun with my youngest for a weekend with the inlaws. I flew with my wife for the first time since 2005! I flew around 70 hrs, which for me is one of my better years. So 2018 has been a very good year of flying so far!
All this is overshadowed by the sudden loss of my father last June, we flew a lot together and he was at the cradle of my flying passion encouraging me from flying gliders at the age of 14 right up to his passing to getting my IR. Great memories remain, but he is dearly missed.

For 2019 it would be nice to take the Mooney out for some longer IFR flights. I’ve got family near Genova, and it would be good to fly out there!


56 hours for me so far, which is slightly above my target. I expect some hours more before the year is over.

The most notable things this year are that I’ve got the PBN endorsement and started using a Golze ADL unit. It really works great, but you must be careful not to become too bold…

For 2019, I plan a vacation trip to the Adriatic with my wife. I also expect to spend a few months in California — that should give me opportunity for some interesting flying.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

I joined EuroGA May this year and thank you to everyone for the welcome.

37 hours so far (more than I was expecting) of which 3 with my baby daughter: a short local for the first flight at 4 months old, then a couple of 20-30 minute flights for lunch and a walk. I’m planning a few more trips with her next year, including Le Touquet and Alderney.

10 new aerodromes visited in 2018, including Avranches which I wrote up here. I went to the Le Touquet mini fly-in in July, and hope to attend more in future.

I’m hoping to do some more flying over Christmas in the USA, but need to reissue my 61.75 with the new EASA licence number. The local FSDO is too busy which means finding a DPE instead.

My aéroclub recently bought a microlight so if there’s enough time I’d like to get a ULM licence in 2019.

EGHP-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom

265 hours this year, continuing my downward trend from 400 in 2016.

Positives were buying and upgrading my C182, a 150 hour trip all around Alaska and up to 80N in Canada, and a run down to the Bahamas.

Next year will be ditching training, ferry tank install, and the commencement of the round-the-world flight.

KPJC and Kent, UK

2018, the year of tear … had the engine total rebuilt, was not going well, in total 7 month not flying. As a result, only 130 hours this year. Achieved to go to all fly-ins planned even to Cessna Classic picknick, only one long trip for Duxford Flying legends, got VP and RG training and acquainted to one new type. Winter flying ahead! 2019 plans just started, but definitely more long trips and do CBIR.

A bit disappointing: we’ve not flown off the island since early July mainly due to free time and good weather never occurring at the same time.

Andreas IOM
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