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Landing fee vouchers for ED, LO and EK in 2019

I found this here
Does any one have any experience in using this booklet, it worth it ?
Thanks for the feedback.

ES?? - Sweden

For a couple of years I buy this booklet. I do about twenty landings at participating airfields every year and it saves me around 150€. Additionally some airfields participating with very cheap avgas like Rendsburg EDXR, Höxter EDVI, Hamm EDLH etc.

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EDLM, Germany

I have used it for the last couple of years and probably sve €100 per year on landing fees

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Is there anything like this for the UK?

LKTB->EGBJ, United Kingdom

It‘s very useful. I use it every year, saving money and sometimes it drives me to head to an airfield I have not had on the top of my list before.

EDDS , Germany

Coda wrote:

Is there anything like this for the UK?

There are landing fee vouchers in flyer magazine that are valid for 6 airports each month, you can get them for free if you put your hand on a free magazine

I used few of them, the airports are so dispersed around the map, so you can’t combine many in one trip (also only when using them, I got complaints on 18m wingspan when parking a TMG, but they are very good to push you to fly far away if you don’t like what are you flying)

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

Great! Many thanks for the feedback to all!
How about the parking fees are they waived or included up to a number of hours?
I will pre-order one. If you do a pre-order, you get a rebate which is about one extra landing

Ibra wrote:

There are landing fee vouchers in flyer magazine that are valid for 6 airports each month

Yes, they are valid only one month, that is the month for which the Flyer mag was issued.

ES?? - Sweden

This may be a contrary view but it always astonished me that anyone would choose a destination for a £10 or a €10 landing fee voucher. I have seen these vouchers and the places in question are usually dumps in the middle of nowhere, serving this

in some decrepit motorway-style cafe where the highlight of the menu (apart from the above) is a Mars bar in a vending machine

This kind of flying is death to one’s activity in the long term. One should never fly to airports. One should fly to destinations, and choose those.

Just my opinion

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

When you’ve lived outside of England as long as I have, the sight of any English breakfast is welcome :D

LKTB->EGBJ, United Kingdom

Unfortunately the airport cafe which takes all my used engine oil got me to sign an NDA

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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