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Life insurance in case you die in a private plane crash

Unlike flying, heart disease rarely kills 19 year olds. Or 40 year olds. Or 50 year olds.

I don’t know the figure, but when people are killed by diseases, generally speaking they only lose a few months to a few years of their lives. Essentially we gradually get older and frailer and eventually something or other picks us off when it’s time. If it isn’t pneumonia, it will be a gastrointestinal bleed. And if it isn’t a GI bleed it might be heart failure. And so on. It’s rare to meet anybody elderly who is dying of just one thing. Most of these campaigns to ‘save 5000 lives’ are over-egging things a bit. It’s great if you give antibiotics to a baby and buy it a whole lifetime of healthy life, but it’s far more common to fill a nursing home resident full of antibiotics then see them die in a few weeks or months later. Which isn’t necessarily to say that it was futile or the wrong thing to do – though it can be a cruelty. But ‘lives saved’ aren’t all equal.

Trauma cases are pretty rare, but have a disproportionate effect on mortality and morbidity. If you have a heart attack when you’re 85, you might lose a 5 years of your life and your family will remember you fondly. If you crash a plane when you’re 30, you might lose 5 decades of your life and your kids will never quite get over it. If you end up paraplegic it’s likely to trouble you for a few decades.

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@ Capitaine, I have received my insurance details from the FFA this morning. As far as I can see there is no mention that the aircraft flown needs to be a club aircraft to be covered on the insurance in fact it appears that you have don’t have to be a member of a club to join the FFA, but being a member through a club gives additional benefits such as the life coverage extending to aerobatics for instance.
I think the maximum life coverage is 300,000 euros, but yes you do have to be a member of the FFA to get the insurances.
For life insurance it appears they reinsure through the PRU in London.
I would point out that I have not read all the small print in detail yet.


Insurers vary.
At 77 I had no problem insuring a Bolkow, including aerobatics, but a cold calling saleswoman today started her spiel with: Our funeral plans for 50 to 75 year olds…"

EGPE, United Kingdom

Maoraigh wrote:

Our funeral plans for 50 to 75 year olds…"

Well, that puts you out of contention !


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