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US government shutdown: impact on Aviation?

I am currently waiting for a new FAA IR license to be issued/shipped to me in the UK. My temporary expires in about a month time…

After several e-mails were left unanswered and no-one seems to pick up the phone at my chosen FSDO / Airmen Certification Branch I realised that the government shutdown had most likely sent all these inspectors home…

Does anyone from the US read this / have knowledge about what’s going on over there? Is no-one within these “non-critical” departments of the FAA working? Is licensing issue on hold?

If true, presumably this is going to create quite the backlog/chaos….. [flashback to UK CAA summer 2018]

Any info appreciated!


I’m in the US, but not quite sure what the situation is. However, there was a statement from the FAA recently that checkrides will go ahead during the shutdown and that aviation-critical services will be maintained. If this extends to the issuance of licenses, I don’t know. Have you checked the FAA website and perhaps also IACRA ? I will be talking to a couple of instructors over the next few days (and a DPE,as it were), will post here if I gain any insight.

Nothing is getting done in the FAA except ATC. Document issuance, STC processing etc has stopped. A checkride should still be ok as the DPE does the issuance of a temp certificate electronically and it doesn’t require FAA intervention.

EGTK Oxford

I’ve sent in a change of registration request to the FAA. They received it just before Christmas. Automated service suggested it was 40 days away, they were working on docs received Nov 8 when I called. It’s a real PITA.

U206F, J3 Sea, PA32R & others

TimR wrote:

I am currently waiting for a new FAA IR license to be issued/shipped to me in the UK. My temporary expires in about a month time…

On their website you can extend your temporary. register and it is there.

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EGTK Oxford

@JasonC thanks for the info. I have looked at the website and it states:

“Enter the information below exactly as it appears on your most recent certificate. Note: Certificate numbers are entered as numeric digits only without a prefix or suffix.
If you do not have a valid certificate you will not be able to gain access.
Your email provider may have a spam blocker in place which will not allow email from the Civil Aviation Registry to be delivered to you unless you specifically set your email preferences to always accept mail from [email protected]
A verification link will be sent to the email address provided below. To access your Airmen Services Account, follow the instructions in the email"

In short, it asks for a certificate number to register. I do not have a certificate number as my temporary certificate is issued without pending the final.

Any ideas?

Last Edited by TimR at 24 Jan 15:57

Is the IR not being attached to an existing certificate?

If you have a temporary certificate, presumably you did pass a checkride, so you should have either a standalone US certificate, or a 61.75 “piggyback” certificate.

Maybe that works?

Biggin Hill

I don’t think you can extend a temporary 61.75 certificate unless FAA has processed your papers in the first place and given you an AC number for the first issue, probably getting your DPE (FSDO is closed) to issue a new temporary one?

For a temporary on a standalone PPL check ride, I think you would have an AC number in a student certificate even before passing check ride, I think you should be able to extend this on the FAA website?

None of this matters if FAA/FSDO are closed

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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