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Finally getting my Mooney back and when I called the airport to re-start my parking contract they told me that they aren’t taking on any more based operators because there are too many non-aviation events there these days. Put in a plea to let me back in because I was only away for maintenance but I’m not confident. It’s now the case that the nearest airfield with more than 600 m of tarmac at which to base an aircraft is 2 hours from Dublin. Pretty sad state of affairs.

EIWT, Ireland

Was your contract suspended or ceased and by which party?

UK, United Kingdom

As soon as I found out I wouldn’t be back for a while I sent an email saying ‘I need to cancel my contract for the time being’. It was implied that I would be back though.

EIWT, Ireland

Welcome to the club, seems pretty normal these days! While my aircraft was away for engine overhaul I got cancellation from my former hangarage airport. Even further, they never sent back the two month deposit for the hangar and also took the month they rented my place out for during my absence as well. So, keep an eye on your account as well.

update Ah, did not see your post as it was written in parallel. You cancelled and were not taken back. That appears to be a different case.

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Sympathy,things happen.In 2001 the whole Athens area GA community had to evacuate LGMR (Marathon AFIS)because geniuses of the Olympics decided to dig up the RWY and create an artificial kayak pond.After a week of use,the pond remains since ,a playground for mosquitos.Further on ,the GA was dictated to move to the Intl airport of Athens LGAT.After 6 months they had to evacuate again because the whole of Operations would move to the new Intl LGAV and the place was again dug up to build installations for further Olympic games.After the Games,the place became a concentration camp for illegal Afghans and Morocans.Further the GA community was dictated to move 100Km north at the Tanagra Air Force base LGTG.Soon became evident that it was a very restricted situation with flights permitted only during weekends ,provided that there wouldnt be any interceptions for our beloved neighbours,the Turks.Later on,the GA community was presented a HUGE bill to pay if they wanted to stay….something like 3000Euros/year just for outside parking.Athens community (which represents the 70% of the Greek GA population) again run in frustration ,only to find 500m welcoming available airfields .
Eventualy,the Army’s Megara LGMG airfield prepared a space to dock all the desperandos and keep them in peace since then.But peace doesnt last for ever since the good part of the Greek airports was given to Fraport which pacticaly translates as “no go”.There are hundreds of relative threads about the issue.


This once again confirms the decency and excellent support for GA coming from Megara LGMG. It’s always a pleasure to stop there, but it is a ways from Athens. Too bad it’s not a port of entry.

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Tököl LHTL

€3000 a year for outside parking would be a discount. Seems strange to turn down such easy money.

EIWT, Ireland

If you are from Dublin, why don‘t you base at Weston? No space? Too expensive?

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

You have my sympathy. I and my wooden aeroplane were summarily evicted from our hanger for no apparent reason at very short notice.
I got vet lucky and found somewhere better just a few miles away.

Forever learning

boscomantico wrote:

If you are from Dublin, why don‘t you base at Weston? No space? Too expensive?

If I read his profile correctly that is where he was not accepted back at…

@zuutroy: Stupid question but how expensive is Dublin itself? Do they explicitly not allow small GA?

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LSZH, Switzerland
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