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Hoping to test fly on Thursday but matching work and winter weather is tough. It’s 3 hours away so getting up there and sorting everything out and 1 hr flight back all by 4pm closing time would be tricky.
It was a big job and I’m not entirely sure what it took so long yet. I guess trying to fit in a really messy job alongside a normal workload could be to blame. Lots of small items that added a week here and a week there waiting for parts and input from his colleagues. LASAR sending parts without 8130 forms added about 6 weeks too.
In the background he has also prepared things to put it on the EI- register if I want, and has offered a discount on the labour due to the time it has taken. It has been incredibly frustrating but I’m confident now that it will be as safe as possible at least. Now to finish the IR and use the bloody thing!

EIWT, Ireland

zuutroy wrote:

Now to finish the IR and use the bloody thing!

Even the other way round :) Use it and get the IR done. Yea, know that feeling. Well, keeping my fingers crossed for you and happy flying!

LSZH, Switzerland
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