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UK IMCR / IR(R) - 2019 news

It was quite hard to find (the method is to google on some long and hopefully unique phrase in a document, possibly enclosing it in quotes) and it is here and bizzarely in a Word format. Why use a Word format, which can hide various stuff like edits?

It is the document in post #01 above. The 2021 date is on the last page.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter, D060802/01 (that doc files) is referred from the following page:
And it says Draft regulation, hence me asking if there is a link somewhere to non-draft, but looks like we’ll have to wait!

After it passes EASA Committee, which happened at the end of Feb, it goes for translation and scrutiny in Parliament. That should be quicker than it used to be, and it might be published in the OJEU in April.

bookworm, thank you!

Isn’t there a 20 day delay from being published in the Official Journal until a Commission Implementing Regulation takes effect?


Yes. So we might have a gap during which no IR(R)s can be issued, or the CAA might issue an exemption to cover it. I don’t think it affects the exercise of ratings already issued, but I might be wrong there.

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