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Help Request for Aviation Museum !

I want to open an aviation museum in my country, this summer. I already received some free items for display. Please visit . Can anyone help me with some donations/sponsorships of planes, ultralights and other items for this exhibition ?

Sorry to disturb you. I am opening a new aviation museum in my country. It’s name is Bucharest Aerospace Museum (google it). If anyone has an old aircraft, in any condition, to Donate for static display into this museum , I am waiting for a reply. Please be very serious !!! Thank you.

I already know about that, Snoopy. That is not the fastest way to obtain a donation. Allowing people from all over the world to send them e-mails , RAF Marham organised more like of a contest and believe me, they do have their own sharks to deal with. So RAF Marham lost the battle before it even started. I think I will find another source.

I already know about that, thanks anyway


You could try to contact sellers of „projects“ that have been up for sale (check the usual airplane buy/sell websites) for a long time if they would rather prefer to get rid of them for a good cause. Good luck!

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