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National CAA policies around Europe on busting pilots who bust controlled airspace (and danger areas)

I would add

  • Random Radar Unit offering LARS. Specialises in providing “limited radar information service due to controller workload”. These are the only words you ever hear on frequency, until you say goodbye, then it is a cheery “freecall enroute”
Last Edited by Cobalt at 28 Nov 22:07
Biggin Hill

Thanks Thomas, that made me laugh out loud.

United Kingdom

The CAA here has published this

my bold

So, another test rigged to make people fail so they can be sentenced to Gasco, and then license removed if they don’t go.

To achieve such a high failure rate they must have a fair % of bogus questions as documented here. Well, as the CAA guy told me on the phone, bogus questions don’t matter because if you get all the good ones right you get a pass mark!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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