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Ever had your glasses checked on a ramp check?

I’ve just read a report that the DGAC was ramp checking at Le Bourget (so, presumably, a bizjet scenario since LB costs €800+ to land) and specifically checking that the glasses specified in the pilot’s medical were on board.

That is quite a detailed briefing!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, I’ve been asked to show them as part of a SAFA check before. It’s on their checklist…


„Glasses? Yes sir, on board sir! One set for Champagne, a couple for Wine and a variety for Spirits, all located at the Midwing Bar, 3rd door to the right. Please refer to the Hostess for demonstration…and, uhm Sir, please knock before going in…“

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LOWG Graz Austria

Peter wrote:

specifically checking that the glasses specified in the pilot’s medical were on board

Nothing “optometric” is specified on medicals except the need to a carry of a second pair
(pointless for those on corrective lenses but very useful for glasses if you break yours)

Actually if you open the glove box of any rented aircraft you will find a bunch of them to run the Paris fashion week

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

Sometimes the medical will say two pairs must be carried, and the report was that this was being checked.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It is one thing whether you carry them on board. The other is whether you actually wear them. Fortunately, they have no way of checking that…

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

I have a lazy left eye, so I have glasses where the left eye is corrected (seemingly required somewhere by law) but the binocular vision is thereby not improved. And my right eye has always overcompensated the laziness of my left eye. Depth view further than 1,5 meter has nothing to do with the working of both eyes together. Anyways, I have 2 glasses, which I always keep in my flight bag and never ever wear, even though I should. So, technically I get involved in an accident and they will notice that I wear no glasses, but on the other hand, when wearing them I get this headache and my eyes get tired from the corrected lens. So, I have decided to leave them in the bag. Never been ramp checked on them.

EHRD, Netherlands

I was asked to show spare glasses in addition to ones I wear. I always keep them in my flight-bag although I practically don’t need them because I have the correction only on one eye. However, my medical says I have to have them.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Yes several times. Glasses and backup glasses. Got reprimanded in Germany for having the latter in my flight bag and not on my person in immediate reach. All my medical said is VNL but I still need backups.

Btw same thing for driving if it’s in your license. Guy I know got fined and denied onward travel in Germany by the Autobahnpolizei for not carrying a spare set.

LSZH, Switzerland

I have contact lenses. I have a spare pair of glasses (“spectacles”) in my flight bag as per the requirement on my medical, but I don’t take my flight bag with me when I fly aerobatics. In fact, I don’t want any loose objects in the cockpit whatsoever for safety reasons. So I put a small case with two spare lenses in my pants pockets.

If ever ramp checked, I’m going to argue that my solution is much safer than the “legal” solution, even though it’s technically not legal.

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