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Autorouter issues (merged thread)

Autorouter problem NVFR EDDG – EHLE

I want to fly NVFR EDDG – RKN then IFR to EHLE.

Autorouter suggests EDDG N0129VFR RKN/N0129F030 IFR DCT DEVUT VFR EHLE which is fine except it would be an IFR arrival at EHLE. Can anybody suggest how I fix this?

Last Edited by Peter_Mundy at 24 Oct 11:21
EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Hi Peter,

Have you set the time correctly? If I search for routes EDDG-EHLE, all results are with an IFR arrival.
You can also file the VFR route you found. It does not matter. You will be handed over to Schiphol approach for the full procedure NDB at Lelystad.

Yes indeed – time set correctly – just hope the weather is flyable Friday.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Prob with outdated TAFs in autorouter

Hi all,

Autorouter sends outdated TAFs for a lot of French and Swiss airports right now, all seemed stuck to 23 June 1400Z or 1700Z, or little more.
From other sources, they’re up to date.
Metars are ok.


Last Edited by Emmanuel at 25 Jun 05:26

The Autorouter wx bot will send you yesterday’s wx, if the airport has not yet reported. For example, just now:

EGKA 241850Z 24019G29KT 8000 3500SE VCFG FEW001 BKN005 17/16 Q1013
TAF AMD EGKA 241530Z 2415/2418 24015KT 6000 BKN006 TEMPO 2415/2418 24018G28KT 4000 -RADZ BR BKN003 PROB30 TEMPO 2415/2418 1400 DZ

EGKA won’t have wx info for a few more hours today…

It is a perfect example of why one should check the date on metars and tafs.

However your example is 2 days old, no? That’s odd.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The problem is caused by the data source NOAA (US FAA source). I have reported it, thanks for the heads up.

The issue was resolved by NOAA.

I have just (0655 on 29/6) done a NEAR EGBT in Telegram and got:

Nearest weather stations:
EGTK – Kidlington 14NM SW
EGTK 290620Z 31008KT 9999 FEW011 BKN022 OVC027 11/09 Q0994
TAF EGTK 290553Z 2906/2915 32008KT 9000 SCT016 BECMG 2906/2909 9999

EGTC – Cranfield 17NM E
EGTC 290620Z 27007KT 230V300 9999 BKN008 11/10 Q0993
TAF EGTC 281401Z 2815/2818 34008KT 9999 BKN007 TEMPO 2815/2818 4000 -RADZ BKN010 PROB30 TEMPO 2815/2818 BKN015

EGBE – Coventry 24NM NW
EGBE 281550Z 36009KT 330V030 9999 BKN013 14/12 Q0998
TAF EGBE 281358Z 2815/2824 01007KT 9999 BKN010 PROB30 TEMPO 2815/2824 BKN008

EGVN – Brize Norton AB 25NM SW
EGVN 290550Z 31009KT 9999 SCT012 BKN030 11/09 Q0995 GRN TEMPO FEW012 BLU
TAF EGVN 290446Z 2906/3006 31006KT 9999 SCT030 PROB40 TEMPO 2906/2909 BKN012 TEMPO 2909/2913 SCT020 PROB30 TEMPO 2916/2919 7000 SHRA SCT022 TEMPO 2923/3006 BKN020 PROB30 TEMPO 3000/3006 7000 -RA SCT010

EGUB – Benson 25NM S
EGUB 290550Z 29006KT 9999 BKN011 12/09 Q0994 GRN NOSIG
TAF COR EGUB 290449Z 2906/2915 30005KT 9999 FEW012 BKN035 TEMPO 2906/2909 SCT012 TEMPO 2909/2912 SCT020

EGGW – London Luton 28NM ESE
EGGW 290620Z AUTO 28009KT 9999 OVC008 11/10 Q0994
TAF EGGW 290453Z 2906/3006 28007KT 9999 OVC010 TEMPO 2906/2908 OVC008 BECMG 2909/2912 SCT030 PROB30 TEMPO 2917/2924 9000 -SHRA BKN014 PROB30 TEMPO 3002/3006 7000 BKN004

EGVA – Fairford 33NM SW
EGVA 290558Z AUTO 30009KT 9999 OVC030 11/09 A2938 RMK AO2 SLP952 T01140087 10122 20107 55003

EGBB – Birmingham 34NM NW
EGBB 290620Z 30009KT 9999 BKN009 OVC022 11/10 Q0994
TAF EGBB 290455Z 2906/3006 31009KT 9999 SCT018 TEMPO 2906/3006 BKN010 PROB30 TEMPO 2906/2910 BKN006 PROB40 TEMPO 2918/3006 4000 RADZ BR FEW002 BKN005

EGWU – Northolt 38NM SE
EGWU 290550Z 29006KT 9999 SCT013 OVC032 12/09 Q0994 GRN TEMPO FEW013 BLU
TAF EGWU 290432Z 2906/2924 30006KT 9999 BKN035 TEMPO 2906/2912 SCT018 PROB30 TEMPO 2906/2908 SCT014

Scanning down, you see that that weather at Luton is nice enough, but it’s pretty shit at Cranfield, which is only 15nm away and 200’ lower.

Until you look a little closer The same is true of Coventry.

I don’t think that the issue has gone away.

EGKB Biggin Hill

I don’t think EGBE (Coventry) currently has a METAR/TAF distributed. The issue must be with the airport or the UK distribution system. All the other reports seem current.

Cranfield and Coventry are the two affected.

EGKB Biggin Hill
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