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Autorouter issues and questions (merged)

We’ve made some major changes in how we do routing in the UK

So… what’s different and what’s changed?

just took the router for a test on ESTL-EGJA but got a timeout. tried with another aircraft but still the same result. Thankful for any help.

ESG..., Sweden

Hi again,
boiled down to aircraft equipment. Seem to avoid routing through Belgium though, built in grudge..? ;)


ESG..., Sweden

Peter posted a link to a tracking page at the autorouter web site for his flight to the fly-in.

Did not see any announcements about this feature. How does it work? Same as Rocketroute? Are they both using some API from Eurocontrol?


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ESOW Västerås, Sweden

We use the CPRs (consolidated position reports) which are in fact radar blips sent to Eurocontrol by the national ATC units. These come regularly, between 1 minute and 10 minute intervals, mostly depending on the country.

When you file a flight plan, you get a tracking URL which you may choose to post or keep secret. The URL cannot be guessed.

Thanks for the info!

ESOW Västerås, Sweden

BAGED waypoint in autorouter but not in Jepp ?

Hey everyone,

just used autorouter to route to EDNY and back from ELLX and it generated the following route :


when I tried to put that in Jepp FD, it complained about the WP BAGED not existing.

Anyone more experienced at this than me who could give some insights ? JeppFD not being up-to-date or what ?

thanks for the help

ELLX (Luxembourg), Luxembourg

BAGED is a phantom waypoint which will be deleted for the next AIRAC upon our request. It is contained in both the Eurocontrol IFPS database as well as the EAD which is the official source (SDO). If you use SkyDemon or the like, it should recognize it. Jeppesen have their own database which they fill from the paper AIP and there BAGED is not contained.

For some reason, Germany has a huge number of these phantom waypoints but we’re working closely with DFS and with the next AIRAC cycle the data quality should be really good.

In your case, I would not bother and keep the route as is.

Thanks very much

i tried removing it but then i get an error about a too long DCT
i guess removing these phantom waypoints will influence the possibility of DCTs as a side-effect.

I hope it’s there in the GNS430 though, or that ATC won’t be bothered if we dont have it and skip that leg…

ELLX (Luxembourg), Luxembourg

It won’t be in the GNS430 as that uses the same Jeppesen database. ATC will probably not know it either but they don’t care in Germany, they often don’t even know your plan, they only know sector entry and sector exit.

Try using MOPAN instead of BAGED, that should solve the problem. You can edit a route in autorouter by clicking on it, changing it then hitting “validate” and afterwards “save”.

PS: The autorouter briefing pack contains a flight log with the GPS coordinates of every waypoint so there is always a way to find it…

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