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Autorouter issues (merged thread)

Thanks for reply.

Just had one of the experts helping me out, so its all sorted..

( I missed the section in the cruise)



Unfortunately Achim and Tom (Autorouter developers) have vanished from EuroGA (well, vanished from posting, at least; very few people actually leave) having used it to launch and beta test the product Achim himself vanished a total of 6 times over the years.

So their support ticket system is the best way.

I did make the point to Achim, following one of his earlier disappearances, that Garmin (one of their licensees) read EuroGA, probably daily, so this sort of frustrating merry-go-round

doesn’t look very professional. But currently they have the best product for IFR GA which, for the time being at least, is free to us individual users.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

So let’s hope the guys get back. The community is small and the more we are here, the better!

PS. Autorouter is truly fantastic…but I guess I already said that a couple of times! :-)

ESOW, Sweden

Autorouter: no more support ?(for issues/questions)

I have posted several questions/requests in the Autorouter support but did not get any reaction over the past weeks/months.
Correvt me if I’m wrong but I think Peter said those dealing with Autorouter have left Euroga. Do we know what this means for Autorouter? In case of a “serious” problem is there anybody taking care of getting it fixed ?

EDRT, ELLX, Luxembourg

The last issue I reported was in September 2017 and it was responded and resolved in usual manner – fast and efficient.

I regularly see some upgrades and improvements so in my view Autorouter is pretty much alive.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I have no “behind the scenes” info but I am certain that Achim is reading EuroGA, because he always said he was, upon each of his ~6 disappearances. Tomjnx, I have no idea, but I know (cimcumstantially) that almost nobody who “leaves” actually disappears from EuroGA, unless they give up flying or die… Achim’s plane was up for sale on Planecheck for a month or two earlier this year (someone sent me the URL) and he posted on a German site that he sold it.

Very strange if support tickets are not being responded to.

There has been concern at times, hence e.g. this. And there is no real backup – unless you pay money and then you can use RocketRoute or Foreflight.

My personal view is that these kinds of games are completely ridiculous and just make the people concerned look silly. But, hey, welcome to the world of forums These happenings are 10x to 100x bigger on other forums.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

same here. Created a ticket on Monday, status is still new. Seems nobody looks at the tickets.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

Got a call from Norwegian AIS last week after an IFR flight. There was a problem with the AFTN addressing and they had tried to get in touch with Autorouter, but no reply. The guy urged me to use a different filing solution.

Norway, where a gallon of avgas is ch...

I had an issue this afternoon. Filled in a support ticket and had a response and a fix within 20 mins???


To be clear, I’m the last to criticize the folks behind Autorouter. As it’s a free tool I can only admire their work. If they asked a small fee I’d most likely be ready to pay especially if the contribution was competitive compared to, say, Rocketroute. Fortunately the questions I asked are not urgent so I can wait.
It was more a matter of curiosity to know whether support is still there or not.
The replies here do not give a clear indication as at least one issue was looked after immediately.
Did anybody asked Achim directly what hus intentions are ?

EDRT, ELLX, Luxembourg
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