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Autorouter issues (merged thread)

Rwy20 wrote:

TRU is in the missed approach procedure for the ILS 14 at ESPA Luleå. The Garmin box contained another NDB (OL) instead, which lies on the final approach course for ILS 14. Is this normal, do you just have to deal with it?

The Garmin database is correct. NDB TRU is decommissioned and the MAP goes to OL. What plates are you using?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Airborne_Again wrote:

The Garmin database is correct. NDB TRU is decommissioned and the MAP goes to OL. What plates are you using?

The AIP plate which I got through Autorouter.

Last Edited by Rwy20 at 04 Jun 21:20

You also need to check AIP SUP. In this case no. 25/2016. Jepp plates incorporate that AIP SUP so they show MAP to OL.

I was a bit surprised that there is no NOTAM referring to the AIP SUP, but after checking ICAO Annex 15 it seems that there is only an obligation to publish a NOTAM for two weeks after the date the AIP SUP comes into force.

Last Edited by Airborne_Again at 05 Jun 08:02
ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Does anybody use additional addressing on Autorouter?

Probably me being naturally dim..! I can’t seem to see where I can input this.

Flying back from Guernesy to Lee on Solent because of Shoreham being used for a concert this weekend, they request additional addressing to Southampton. Any help appreciated.

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)


Many thanks!

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

Autorouter problem NVFR EDDG – EHLE

I want to fly NVFR EDDG – RKN then IFR to EHLE.

Autorouter suggests EDDG N0129VFR RKN/N0129F030 IFR DCT DEVUT VFR EHLE which is fine except it would be an IFR arrival at EHLE. Can anybody suggest how I fix this?

Last Edited by Peter_Mundy at 24 Oct 11:21
EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Hi Peter,

Have you set the time correctly? If I search for routes EDDG-EHLE, all results are with an IFR arrival.
You can also file the VFR route you found. It does not matter. You will be handed over to Schiphol approach for the full procedure NDB at Lelystad.

Yes indeed – time set correctly – just hope the weather is flyable Friday.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Autorouter – problem with IFR airport alternates – France

Hello there

First of all, I want to thank the staff of Euroga for this beautiful tool which is Autorouter.
I really love the autorouting function, removes the PITA of finding an acceptable routing in some parts or Europe.

However, when using the “suggest alternates” function, I see the “Only with IFR Operations” tool works great in most of European countries, but in France, ALL the airports, without exception are given as “IFR”, even 600m grass strips like Condom LFID or Lascalveries LFJV (a paradropping center) who have, obviously, no IFR procedures at all.

Just curious of the reason of this. Maybe a lack of DB for France ?

Anyway, thank you for your work ;)


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