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Autorouter issues and questions (merged)

ok, thanks


Sharing aircraft on autorouter

I got a request from another pilot to share with him one of the aircraft I have in autorouter and I started thinking, is there any problem to share them here? Like everyone who has an aircraft and is OK to share it just publish the code here so that people can import it.

It is clear that everyone has to check the data after importing the aircraft and make sure it is OK for him.

@achimha: Is there any problem coming from your rules that speaks against that?

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

Feel free. If your aircraft is not already covered by the public templates, we can always add it.

If you share it with the code, the others will be able to see your name and your phone number in the SAR details (if provided).

That’s fine with me. So if somebody needs these:

HBLKM: 11818L5Q

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

achimha wrote:

f you share it with the code, the others will be able to see your name and your phone number in the SAR details (if provided).


do I get it right, that is simply during the import. I can then change the name and phone nr e.t.c. to my own?

Great. I really like the features of this tool more and more.

LSZH, Switzerland

It should be only during the import but let Achim confirm.

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

Vladimir, you have mail!

I won’t share the Mooney Profile in the forum for the moment as it is not yet quite there where I would like it to be as well as that I have not had the chance to actually use it. Once that is done, I’ll put it up here as well.

LSZH, Switzerland

Yes, if you create an aircraft based on a share code, you take a copy of that profile with all the data. Afterwards, you can edit it. Subsequent edits to the shared profile will not be applied to your copy, you would have to create another aircraft using the share code.

The idea behind this approach was that typically the people flying the same aircraft know each other in some way and can therefore exchange the share code. At an FTO it could be made public on the billboard etc.

If somebody has a profile that is substantially different from what is currently offered in the public templates, we’d be grateful to add it.

I took a public profile for the DA40 and it had some speeds which were different from the ones we use, e.g. Vy/Vcruise climb I think. But I created it some time ago, so I am not sure if that is still current.

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

I had to fly from Thruxton to Newcastle yesterday and decided to do so using airways; mainly because I’d never done so before and because I now have a shiny new IR with privileges just itching to be used. I also thought that it would be a good opportunity to try out Autorouter to plan the flight and to file the FPL.

In general I was quite pleased with the result. Autorouter generated a variety of routes from which I selected one that best suited my needs on the day. There were one or two odd ones which I’ve raised with the team, since one appeared to want to route me through Class A whilst VFR and another gave me a STAR that doesn’t exist. But aside from these I found it fairly easy to use and very efficient. The briefing material that it spat out was very comprehensive and delivered within seconds to my inbox. My squawk code was texted to me around an hour before EOBT.

Since I’d never flown a ‘proper’ airways route before I was curious as to how the whole process of FPL activation and IFR clearances work from a GA field. Thruxton’s staff were very helpful as usual but told me that they can no longer activate FPLs nor pass clearances because AFPEX won’t let them(!). So it was left to London Info to do both once I was airborne. It may just be me, but it does seem frankly pretty astounding that in this digital age it isn’t possible to activate an FPL or get a clearance until nicely preoccupied with flying. Maybe there is a better way? If so, please tell.

Anyway, the rest of the flight was simplicity itself once I’d laboured up to FL100 in my little Arrow. In the final analysis I’m not sure that the journey was any quicker or easier than just routing VFR/IFR outside controlled airspace at the relatively low levels that I’ve been accustomed to, but I can see that it might well be useful in some circumstances. And it’s always good to try something new.

Old Sarum
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