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Autorouter issues (merged thread)

Funny. For the first time in months I wanted to use Autorouter this morning to show a student how he can validate his intended route. Of course I picked the one day it didn’t work… However I found a way in by going to the Autorouter homepage and from there log in with EuroGA user data.

Last Edited by what_next at 27 Jan 16:35
EDDS - Stuttgart

Autorouter seems to have had some trouble, several interface changes happened. And there is no working GRAMET anymore. The downloaded pdf file says “no route profile”.


Works fine for me

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Quite strange. Same route: EHLE VEXAR SIPSA RALEL EDDV

Last Edited by Flyamax at 01 Feb 13:33

I suggest you file a bug report @Flyamax

Bug has been fixed quickly.


Prob with outdated TAFs in autorouter

Hi all,

Autorouter sends outdated TAFs for a lot of French and Swiss airports right now, all seemed stuck to 23 June 1400Z or 1700Z, or little more.
From other sources, they’re up to date.
Metars are ok.


Last Edited by Emmanuel at 25 Jun 05:26

The Autorouter wx bot will send you yesterday’s wx, if the airport has not yet reported. For example, just now:

EGKA 241850Z 24019G29KT 8000 3500SE VCFG FEW001 BKN005 17/16 Q1013
TAF AMD EGKA 241530Z 2415/2418 24015KT 6000 BKN006 TEMPO 2415/2418 24018G28KT 4000 -RADZ BR BKN003 PROB30 TEMPO 2415/2418 1400 DZ

EGKA won’t have wx info for a few more hours today…

It is a perfect example of why one should check the date on metars and tafs.

However your example is 2 days old, no? That’s odd.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The problem is caused by the data source NOAA (US FAA source). I have reported it, thanks for the heads up.

The issue was resolved by NOAA.

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