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SR22 F-HAMP crash in Spain - Raid Latecoere

It could be the F-HAMP

RIP, very sad episode for the raid !
Looks like it was serious IMC and crash into terrain?

ESSEX, United Kingdom

The paintwork shown on the door is correct for F-HAMP, but it could be quite a common Cirrus scheme.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes it was F-HAMP. The team had a website set up, in French.

Last Edited by wleferrand at 16 Sep 17:07

Terrible to read their story and learn they crashed.
May their souls rest in Heaven.

My guess would be VFR into IMC.


The plan was to follow the coast line.
It looks like they took a very unfortunate shortcut.

Anyone got the Alicante weather at the time ?

cessnatraveller wrote:

It looks like they took a very unfortunate shortcut.

There is no way to go on that shortcut without getting into Class A that starts from the surface some points, so my guess they were flying IFR?
Weather is extreme in Alicante the last 2 days (storms/flooding)

Last Edited by Ibra at 16 Sep 18:18
ESSEX, United Kingdom

The MEA and MVA is well above the altitude they were flying.

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