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EuroGA 7th birthday

Happy birthday


Happy birthday!
Great forum, useful and quite positive atmosphere!
Thanks to keep it like that.

Caen LFRK, France

Happy birthday EuroGA !
Like others, this forum transformed my vision of GA.
Hold on Medewok, you will be able to enjoy it soon.

In the last year Euroga has become my go to pilot forum. Better than all the rest. I think due to the level of activity, the diversity of the pilot experience represented and the pan European coverage. Great stuff.

Thank you very much Peter et al.

Paul Beckwith

Upper Harford, United Kingdom

Happy birthday from me as well

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

Keep up the good work!

^ESM[ES]$, Sweden

Happy Birthday and many thanks to David and Peter for a job well done !

EDxx, Germany

Happy Birthday ! …. and keep rolling on the good job ! Congrats to Peter an David
Well done for all forum participants for keeping the forum balanced and decent !

ES?? - Sweden

Happy birthday.

I came here last year and have been getting lots of helpful info since. Love reading others thought provoking questions and the discussion.


Feliz cumpleaños y muchas gracias Pedro y David!

Private field, Mallorca, Spain
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