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A pilot's Xmas wish list?

I am sure some of our spouses are reading this, so it’s time to give them some ideas

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


LDZA LDVA, Croatia

To get my SEP back finally

LSZH, Switzerland

To get my SEP back finally

Same for me and additionally to have the Bonanza back in time to fly to Brittany for our christmas vacation, saving 12 hours in car.

EDDS , Germany

A SEP or twin with “Panama papers”,
allowed to take off, land and park anywhere without limitations. a truly European registration (or none), no taxes, fees, or frisk. Invisible to the plane spotters and filightradar24. No EASA oversight, no need for an ARC or medical. 4 seater of course.
More performance data upon request by your spouse.

Last Edited by AJ at 13 Dec 09:22

IFD550 + Aspen EFD1000 max. Thank you Santa.

EBST, Belgium

Santa has been very generous to me this year

So nothing to wish for for me, except maybe some more free time

Santa has been very generous to me this year

I like your Santa :)

Stop by here on the way to LJPZ anytime to show off your present! Btw: Shouldn’t you park at G6?

Last Edited by Snoopy at 13 Dec 14:53
ATPL / IFR Instructor

I got a cable to record cockpit audio, and I think a 360 camera and a stratux is incoming (new try to implement flarm and svs with Foreflight).

ATPL / IFR Instructor

A stocking bulging with a P180 would do nicely. Or just more achievable – to have a few bobs left over to pay to get current plane done.

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