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Brexit - Licence transfer during transition period

Given we now know Brexit will happen on 31 January and it will with the deal, does anyone know whether it will be possible to transfer to an EASA licence during the transition period (ie after 31 January), or does it need to be done by 31 January?

Anything solid on this would be appreciated – it’s clear that the UK will continue to align with UK law after this date.

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Oxford EGTK

The reason I changed mine is because no-one knows the answer to your question.
The EU will not say anything about anything.
Unless you have only recently discovered you might need to fly an other than G-reg EASA aeroplane, I have to ask why you havent sorted this in the last couple of years?
I started by getting a UK PPL off the back of my UK-EASA PPL, then converting the EASA one. The whole process took about 4 months.The EASA change of state took 6 weeks.

Regards, SD..

Main reason I haven’t done it is examiners – with 7 ratings across my rotary and fixed wing licences, having to travel to revalidate most of them on an annual basis is a pain if there aren’t a lot of EASA examiners in the UK.

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Oxford EGTK

When I was in touch with the Swiss CAA a while ago, they strongly encouraged me to start the license transfer prior Brexit day. After that date they said they would treat UK-licenses same as other ICAO-licences, for example US licences.

I just had a look as to whether there is now an official regulation on this but just have found this:

It is now anticipated that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020. At that point, the UK and the EU will enter a transition period during which the UK and its aviation sector will continue to participate in European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) systems and comply with its regulations while the longer-term UK-EU relationship on aviation is determined. The CAA will continue to provide advice on potential outcomes as negotiations progress. The transition period is currently due to finish on 31 December 2020.

My reading of this is you could do your license transfer during that transitional period, after Jan 31st, but I’m neither a lawyer nor a seasoned connoisseur of EU-law and Brexit agreements. FWIW, meanwhile I am a happy Swiss license holder and glad to have eliminated that uncertainty around license validity issues.


There are until 31st Jan …
I now have the opposite issue : I am debating whether I need to re-validate my UK PPL – I will need a UK examiner signature before 31st Jan… (anyone know one in Aberdeen?)

Regards, SD..

What UK licence do you have? An NPPL? If so, you can’t fly IFR with it, nor can I fly helicopters with one.

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Oxford EGTK

The “Original Poo Brown” as it used to be referred to as, which I failed to tick the box for when I went from JAA to EASA.

Regards, SD..

Is there a link for the form to apply for one?

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Oxford EGTK

One other side effect of moving state of licence issue is that any FAA piggyback licence would be rendered invalid because your licence number would change.

However if the UK PPL licence also had the same number perhaps that would still make it valid. Does the UK PPL licence number match that of an EASA one?

Also, are other European CAAs better or worse than the UK for providing timely validation letters for the FAA?

FlyerDavidUK, PPL & IR Instructor
EGBJ, United Kingdom

skydriller wrote:

Unless you have only recently discovered you might need to fly an other than G-reg EASA aeroplane, I have to ask why you havent sorted this in the last couple of years?

Answering the same question, I live in Germany so I had discovered already quite some time ago that I’m flying other than G-reg EASA aeroplanes. Most of the time actually.

I still haven’t taken action though precisely because of that uncertainty. Brexit has been re-scheduled so often now and it’s still unknown how things play out for license holders. I like my UK-based license and it has an FAA piggyback sitting on top, so why go through all the hassle when potentially it might still be possible to fly on that license setup even after the transition period?

I also am not sure where to move to with my license in case I have to. I enjoyed not having to deal with the LBA for the past 6 years.

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Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany
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