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SpaceX abort test

I don’t think there is much question of landing vs ejection compared to our talk about Cirrus chute,

We got offed a ride to watch this live from the air this Saturday (if all goes to plan and it happens morning at 10am) but the Mrs is not tempted

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Do it Ibra !
Matt Guthmiller did it and made a video, it is so amazing (if weather is good).


Nice video Jujupilot, I think the guy was more lucky than us, turn out you need effort, patience and lot od luck and to get a video like that one !!

The Saturday abort mission was aborted , we flew with some friends around at 9am Saturday from Tampa (weather was good 50km vis but it was windy/gusty, then they cancelled the launch), turns out the place we planned to try again from (Palm Beach) Sunday had a serious Notams from Mr POTUS, so we end up in Fort Lauderdale Exec

I still managed to get a nice day at Kennedy Space Center just 5nm from Falcon9 L39 launch pad on Saturday morning and we watched that failed launch on Sunday from a beach far away south

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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