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Corona / Covid-19 virus - airport and flying restrictions, and licensing / medical issues

Ted wrote:

There seems to a message that if we all just wash our hands and sit on the sofa, everything will return to normal in a few weeks, and that doesn’t make any sense to me.

I think responsible states are making it clear enough that this might not be over soon and the lifestyle we know of might need changes in the future.

Günzburg EDMG

UK CAA has announced some license and medical extensions in ORS4 1354. Nothing for private pilots yet.

local copy

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

We got 4 months extensions for all medical (including PPL/LAPL). It works by a phone call to the doctor, who then sends the extension to the authority, or the pilot, don’t remember. I did my medical in January, so good for another 2 years.

Still locked down in Norway, but Avinor gives exemptions for technical flights, making it possible to maintain the aircraft.

I got a reply to my questions about this to LT, + some more info has surfaced. LT said they did go out strong, but will/may loosen up as time passes. The reason for closing also G airspace was they must be able to serve information and SAR according to ICAO. IMO it’s a reason, not necessarily a good reason. It’s all about capacity of the ATC, it has nothing to do with stopping the spread of the virus.


Just heard that the extensions the German LBA is offering (commercial pilots and ATC only so far) will not be granted to people who have restrictions on their medicals.

It will be interesting whether the FAA ever offers an extension to licenses or medicals, and if so will they include special issuance medicals.

Are there any similar news from the other CAAs around Europe?

Just noticed Lydd Airport EGMD has closed:

Coronavirus COVID 19 Update – 24th March 2020
Following recent government guidelines, the decision has been made to CLOSE the aerodrome with immediate effect.
All based operators and visiting aircraft – please monitor the NOTAMs (updated accordingly) for current aerodrome status.
Essential & Medivac flights may be accommodated with prior permission – please contact the aerodrome Duty Manager on 07944 809868.
It is important to yourselves, our staff and businesses operating at the airport that everyone follows the government’s health advice in order that this situation doesn’t get prolonged unnecessarily.
We hope you will all stay safe and well through this crisis.
(Posted on 24th March)

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The following clearly means that GA flying is now forbidden in France:

Rochester, UK, United Kingdom

I have not read all posts, so maybe @aart already posted this.

All flights in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza are banned since one week ago as an island isolation measure, unless they are expressly authorized or are medical, humanitarian or positioning flights.
We have asked whether a local flight for maintenance purposes (preservation) can be considered a ‘positioning flight’, but are awaiting an answer. I am expecting a negative.

LESB, Spain

From the UK LAA (basically the Annex 1 authority): (my emphasis)

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have just renewed my medical (good for 2 years), done my IR PC (1 year) last week, and my SEP was renewed last summer (good for another 17 months). I hope I am in good shape extension wise (proficiency I’m definitely rusty).

ESMK, Sweden

Some news from US AOPA about the extensions they are trying to get in the US:


Good to know that somebody is on the case, rather than waiting with cupped hands on their [insert European country] CAA to see what infinitely generous gift they choose to hand out…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

@Peter_G the letter from the DGAC does not quite say that all GA flights are effectively forbidden unless you are limiting GA to sport and leisure. Basically this letter is to point out that whilst forbidding training flights plus aerobatics, taking people sightseeing etc are forbidden, use of the aircraft for flights from A to B to look after vulnerable people or children or for business if it is a business which is classed as necessary is still allowed.
It goes on to point out that licencing and qualification requirements are therefore a problem and hopefully people will bear with them as they sort out solutions to these problems especially as in the first instance they will be giving priority to professionals where they believe solutions have already been found.
Apologies for quick, rough translation.

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