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User pilotatotale is using EuroGA to harvest emails

I just received yet another email I didn’t subscribe to, and simply deleted it. However, something caught my eye. It was a spam email about this website: www dot makgas dot com.

Where have I seen this? Hmmm here:

How do I know @pilotatotale took my email from this forum and subscribed me to his mailing list without my approval? It was sent to dimme at cryodev dot se.

Where do I use dimme at cryodev dot se as email in a public profile? That’s right, only on EuroGA.

Bad boy @pilotatotale bad boy!

Last Edited by Dimme at 13 Feb 21:33

He has been removed.

The public email address is visible only to logged-in users, BTW. I would still recommend that nobody configures that email, because it is easy for anyone to join up and try to identify posters (e.g. CAA officials).

What was the email you received?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom



I get it tooPeter wrote:

I would still recommend that nobody configures

Petre, do you recommend to remove the addres from our profile? isn´t goint to destroy something else?
I get the email too.


You have the signup email address (which nobody except admins can see) and you have the email address in your public profile (which anybody who is logged in can see).

The 2nd one can be safely removed. It has no system function.

I posted about it here and I think, on balance, people should not show those emails. We do have a robust system for preventing spammers joining up (we used to get large numbers from Russia, China, etc, doing fake passport adverts) but can’t completely stop someone wanting to do commercial mailings.

If you want to email with someone, send attachments, etc, you can exchange email addresses with the PM system. It doesn’t strip anything out – except HTML and attachments (these are removed to eliminate some attack vectors). Oh and the 4-byte Apple emoticons

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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