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Corona / Covid-19 Virus - General Discussion

Croatia is slowly releasing the lockdown – from this week all non-essential shops (not-located in big shopping centres), hairdressers, cosmetic and similar salons are open, next week cafes and restaurants will open as well. The primary schools were also scheduled for next week but there are some issues and nobody still know if it’s going to happen. However, the churches (super important issue for ruling party, heavily supported by catholic church, especially because of the general elections this summer/autumn) are open from last Saturday for services (although with some measures of social distancing). Also, other shops in shopping centres will be open from next week.

There are rumours that borders will be open beginning of June and the airports will be open for international CAT. Although all airports are open, currently only Zagreb has daily flight to Frankfurt.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I wonder if they will have a quarantine for foreigners, even when the country is open?

Currently Croatian airports appear to be fully open for refuelling, but there is very considerable hassle all around if you cannot fly out of there on the same day.

More generally this is interesting

and might explain why the virus is so hard to eradicate… And there are “interesting stories” of what goes on in care homes

Air travel is also a big player according to a recent study and that again implicates the UK’s poor record in this area.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

In fairness if you’re close enough to potentially catch it through sexual contact, then you’ve probably already caught it through the air or other physical contact.

EIWT Weston

Not necessarily

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Interesting in Jersey. The lockdown was always less strict than the UK here, ie Garden Centres have never closed, golf allowed, sea swimming and surfing for exercise and kids could play on the beach as it was “exercise”. Small gardeners and window cleaners + all one man band tradesman could continue to operate. (Although tradesman have been operating freely in the UK also). In fact many businesses could open eg offices with less than 2 people etc. Due to the irresponsible media panic (death means clicks), there has been irrational fear and many people have chosen to stay at home even though they could have worked.

Our curve is completely flat, many days with zero new infections and the total cumulative deaths are 10 less than in 2019.

I can’t believe the UK is being so slow to unlock obvious outdoor activities such as garden centres which give a lot or pleasure and mental well being to people. As they are outdoors, much less risk than going to a supermarket for a bottle of wine. Minor things should be eased daily not stored up for big announcements on a Sunday.

I can understand Politicians being cautious but the media ha failed us completely yet again. Most of the UK press, the BBC and Sky News should hang their heads in shame. We need balanced discussion of excess mortality and how many cancer patients are now not being treated in the UK’s nearly empty hospitals.

United Kingdom

I think the key difference between mainland UK and the various islands is that the islands locked their borders totally, which they easily could do. For example Alderney locked its harbour just before my trip there and locked its airport (except to returning residents) a few days later. And it is jolly hard to get there by swimming

Same for the Scilly Isles. And look at what they did on the Isle of Man; just short of locking everybody up in detention.

Whereas the UK could not do that. I think they should have done much more than they did on incoming border control, obviously, and this will be one of the key areas of recriminations in the coming months and years.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
Private field, Mallorca, Spain

aart wrote:

Pilots usually like numbers. Here’s some on masks:

A good summary. The catch remains of course that for masks to really work well, everyone in a given setting were people are close to each other hss to wear them AND you need to dispose / wash the mask properly after using it AND wash or disinfect your hands afterwards before AND after removing the mask.

Note that gloves are never needed outside a medical setting if you can wash or disinfect your hands instead. Laypeople are not well trained to use gloves properly and often won’t have enough to do so. In the hospital environment we sometimes use 10 or more gloves per hour (remember, these are single use) to avoid contamination. This is impossible for the average guy in the street.

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

In the hospital environment we sometimes use 10 or more gloves per hour (remember, these are single use) to avoid contamination. This is impossible for the average guy in the street.

Sounds like when doing the Annual service

On the TKS installation we got through about 300 gloves. I get them for 4.5p each, but the last 1000 cost 7.5p (called “capitalism” i.e. the virus is an opportunity).

Very interesting article, Aart. It doesn’t surprise me, but is quite different to gummint statements.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I would love to have some numbers about the effectiveness of mask usage. And by usage, I mean how they are currently used by everyone. I have got exactly one home made mask which I have to touch every time when I enter or leave a shop. I only wear it where I am forced to. I won’t wear it when riding my bicycle and won’t wear it while driving (although there is an additional benefit when it comes to speed cameras). In addition to that, my nose and eyes start to leak as soon as I step outside the door because of pollen everywhere. So I think as long as we use masks like that I think we we would be better off without mask. The only real benefit I can see is that it keeps people aware that some serious sh1t is spreading and hence they think a little more about hygiene and stop touching everything.

EDQH, Germany
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