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Last week: ATC capacity is reduced here, and some airports are closed or PPR due to covid19. At my airport 6 out of 8 flight schools are still sort of operating. My most recent flight: since schools are closed now, and my wife’s workplace too, and I mostly work from home anyway, my family of 4 flew to a small island and stayed there during the weekdays of last week. The flights – IFR out and VFR back home – were 100% normal, but there was some apprehension on the island about “outsiders” coming and possibly infect the small “uncontaminated” society.
There is no expectation here that GA will collapse, but I guess the hard general economical downturn is bound to reduce activity somewhat in the future.

EKRK, Denmark

I flew last on 15th March and I am glad that I did. There were many opportunities to fly afterwards even when the club activities had stopped but privately one could have flown. I still decided against that because it sets a bad precedence.

Günzburg EDMG

Last flight was IR skills test in October :(
Taxi into pothole…shockload…overhaul…long trip to the USA for the crank case, now hoping the rest of the overhaul proceeds very slowly as my local airport is closed until the end of May. Might just get enough flying done to renew the IR this year!
I wonder what the future holds for the airport, because my sense is that its mostly propped up by a flight school who have recently kind of put all their eggs into the ATPL basket which might struggle now too.

EIWT, Ireland

ESMK, Sweden

Ny last flight was on 17 Feb to pick up my new (to me) plane and drop it off in Groningen for 50h and for them to do the paperwork on the owner change. Not sure when I’ll be able to pick it up. It seems like our friends in LBA have stopped working and I might anyway struggle to get down there given the travel restrictions.

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