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One-person tent for carrying in a plane

In this corona virus world of closed borders, but open airports, I may be doing some funny flights.

When I did what you might call camping, many years ago, I hated the discomfort (it was e.g. a trip with 4 other blokes who were holding farting competitions) but I can manage anything for 1 night, with a decent sleeping bag.

There is a wide variety of tents, from about £20 from the retail outdoor shops, and at that price it’s probably crap. The hi-tech one-man ones go up to £500 and some of those are sort of self-erecting which is interesting because I don’t want to fiddle around with the rods which need to be inserted and bent to make the shape. It also should not require the strings to stretch it, if you get my drift.

Does anyone here have any experience?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes. I hate “Camping”…Wait for proper hotels to open and until then do Day trips…

ESSP, Sweden

The traditional solution is a large sheet or blanket over the wing, hanging to the ground with rocks on the corners. It doesn’t keep the insects out but it is easy to obtain and pack.

I bought a tent to put in the plane for trips this summer, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet sadly.

For a year or two though I’ve always had in the back a bivvy bag, lightweight small pack blanket, slightweight sleeping matt and usually a small tarp just in case I need to divert or get stuck somewhere, I think probably weigh maybe a couple of kg tops and probably are about a shoe box in total space needed.

I have a Coleman 3-man tent which I bought last autumn. About £80 on Amazon.

It is one of those pop-up ones – literally up in less than a minute after you get it out of the bag.

We had two of us and our dog in it, and ‘3-man’ is probably a generous description.

It does what it’s mean to do and you could easily carry it in the aeroplane. If I was buying again I’d perhaps go for one with an inner lining and a ‘porch’ area – but these aren’t usually ‘pop up’ and are bigger/heavier when packed up.


It does indeed look as if some national borders will be closed or subject to quarantine for several months.

Meanwhile, if looking for somewhere to test your new aero-camping kit, Glenswinton remains open (and free) for light GA. Especially welcome are visitors who do as they would be done by and leave little trace of their presence.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

The ‘key’ to camping is to have exactly what you need with little or no compromise on your personal requirements. You just need to figure out what those are. It’s different for everyone.
The wife and I have camped from the aircraft at least once a year for almost 20 years.
Always add +1 to accommodation numbers unless you’re intending to backpack.
If flying and camping from the aircraft (at the field) or getting a taxi to a camp then you can take quite a lot of stuff.
We have 3 tents for different occasions, but the general go-to is a std 3-man dome with a porch,
no standing height. Its design is that you erect the tent, as seen from the outside, then climb inside and internally hang a liner/inner tent. It does have 3 flexed poles but can be erected alone in about 6-7 minutes without fuss and gives enough room for the essential double airbed a few personal belongings and a cool box of gadgets. The newer self erecting tents are getting better and better but the ones I’ve seen can be a bit fiddly to put away. I’m sure it’s just needs a bit if knack.
Ours is around 9" dia x 24" long and weighs 7kg
I know you said no poles but it really isn’t a big deal.

This is similar to what I’m refering to. £89 on ebay. Ours has a slightly larger ‘porch’

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United Kingdom

Grumman AA-5 with the back seats folded is a one-person tent if you aren’t too tall. Will fit two in a pinch as well.

For prolonged camping, I am 100% happy with my 25-year-old Kelty Ridgeway (I think it’s a 2/3 person model). It does need the flexible rods inserted and bent, but it’s totally trivial to pitch alone and perfectly functional without strings or pegs.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

It does indeed look as if some national borders will be closed or subject to quarantine for several months.

There are loads of bizjet flights all over Europe. Many of these may be repatriating people to their own country (they fly straight back the same day) but the key aspect is that the crew is presumably able to do the paperwork, use the toilet, etc. So an “overnight” in a tent should work, provided you get a permission from the police down there.

Has anyone used something like this? Not cheap

There are much cheaper ones – example

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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