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One-person tent for carrying in a plane, and cooking

Check waterproofing grading. I bought a jacket. It soaked through in half an hour. Then I found the test was about 10 minutes. Now I buy from industrial suppliers. There’s different grading systems.

EGPE, United Kingdom

The MSR/Primus style liquid bottles are very durable, but not unbreakable.

An acquaintance had one split open; thankfully no one was injured. They were not careful with the bottle and it was being held captive by some rocks which were part of a ring around a wood fire. Apparently the wood fire was hot enough to raise the temperature and the corresponding pressure in the bottle so that it ruptured. I imagine quite a fireball.

When they showed me the bottle (spread wide open), I thought wow, that was close to a very grievous incident! I haven’t had my bottle near a heat source since then.

Although a much different configuration, the square shaped ‘lunch box’ style butane stoves are renown for being mis-used so that the butane canister in the right hand side compartment gets hot and ruptures. As a result they have been banned in Australia. Knowing about the problem, I feel I could use this square style safely. However, if you don’t know about the issue, then I can see how the accidents occur, i.e. I wouldn’t trust my wife to use it correctly unless I briefed her first.

The problem with the lunch box stoves is that the pot support arms are stowed upside down. Sometimes people forget to flip them up the correct way before using the stove. The upside down assembly causes the heat (and/or burner flames) to be directed towards butane canister.

Last Edited by Canuck at 01 May 09:41
Sans aircraft at the moment :-(, United Kingdom

I have a several different types but alway end up just taking two of these. (Mine are actually a slightly older design)
They are self igniting and extremely powerful.
These are the ones with a self sealing cylinder valve so can be separated at any time, rather than some which pierce the cylinder and rely on an tiny O ring seal sitting on the can.
Originally I considered whether it was safe to take the cylinders in the aircraft, and would seek to buy the cylinders on arrival somewhere, but they last for quite a while so that was a pain. Then I considered I never once, didn’t take deodorant can with me.

United Kingdom

Tent (MSR Elixir 2) acquired and tested

It was cheap (£200) but is amazingly good. Way better than others I have stayed in before. Obviously a decent mattress and a decent sleeping bag (already had that) help.

I can see why some pay a lot more for a tent however. These cannot be erected in significant rain without the inside getting wet, because the inner is not waterproof and the outer (the flysheet) has to go on afterwards. There is a procedure, possible with some, if you have the “footprint” sheet, where you erect the flysheet first and then somebody who is young, or does a lot of yoga, can clip in the inner afterwards. The proper solution is something like this which comes up in one piece.

Lighting up one of the multifuel stoves needs a checklist!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

With a view like that, I’d be okay with this quarantine lasting another year

EBST, Belgium

Peter wrote:

The proper solution is something like this which comes up in one piece.

I would have thought that was the normal arrangement these days — but maybe I’m biased by using my tents for mountain trekking.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

I envisage leisure flying in the UK being allowed before any tourist accommodation options open up.

Llanbedr EGFD is top of my list for an overnight trip with a tent and camping equipment packed in the plane. One could basically camp in the dunes on quite a wild and remote piece of coastline.


I envisage leisure flying in the UK being allowed before any tourist accommodation options open up.

Yes, and I think not just in the UK.

One limitation is that it probably isn’t easy to get a permission to camp airside, so one does need the country itself to be open to arrivals.

With a view like that, I’d be okay with this quarantine lasting another year

That field was full of people walking, and we just knew what would happen next. The lockdown came… Normally there is nobody there. I got the place 21 years ago. Would be impossible now.

I would have thought that was the normal arrangement these days

There must be others because it is such an obvious thing. Well, the cheap tents come up in one go but that’s because they have only one sheet They steam up badly, or leak water.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I only do day rides or b+b biketouring, and would not want panniers type world expedition gear. This means a budget of around 8 kg in gear and around 15 litre volume: handlebar roll, saddle bag and top tube. You are into the Bivy vs Tarp debate. Have not yet experimented in anger (and the cost of this lightweight gear is nearly AMU like, so not easy to experiment). Ideologically the Super Cub seems to be a Tarp machine

I like Graham’s suggestion of EGFD Llanbedr, with a quick scramble up Snowden thrown in!

Last Edited by RobertL18C at 05 May 13:11
Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

About 5 or 6 years ago, a friend and I were doing to a PFMS meetup somewhere in Europe (forgotten where exactly).Our look at the weather suggested that by Saturday morning (our day of departure) Dublin was lightly to be at the edge of a front, and our ability to get away VFR would have been 50/50 at best. So we had the idea to leave on Friday instead.

Anyway for logistical issues we couldn’t leave any earlier than after work on the Friday, and all the airfields within range before sunset would be closing around then. After a few phone calls, Llanbedr agreed to let us arrive after hours (they’d have someone stay on a bit late to be there when we arrived). We couldn’t get any accommodation nearby (all booked out) so we asked about camping on the airfield. They wouldn’t allow that due to some sensitive businesses on the airfield, however they did mention that there was a campsite nearby, with all the facilities. They were so very kind to drop us over to the camp site.

The campsite was full of people wearing cowboy hats and arms covered in tattoos, but they all seemed in good form

So camping isn’t (at least wasn’t) allowed on the airfield, but there is a campsite nearby if you want to be able to buy a cooked meal, and have a shower in the morning.
I would have thought that Snowden would still be a fair hike from the airport. Taxi’s are available in the area, but we were advised to order one the evening before for our return to the airport trip.

EIWT Weston, Ireland
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