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Brazil - problems with avgas composition and fuel tank damage

A friend from Brazil made me aware of this issue:

As if they did not already have enough problems over there…

Petrobras is studying the hypothesis that a variation in chemical composition has affected the sealing and lining material in the fuel tanks of small planes

Oh dear… sounds like somebody added some alcohol…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Amplifying Peter’s post, I’m sure many will be aware that a great proportion of Brazilian cars are powered by locally produced alcohol, and there is a lot of it around.

Just got it from Cessna : ATA_28_Suspected_Atypical_Aviation_Fuel_pdf


Textron Aviation has received reports of substantial fuel leaks that occurred in aircraft after they were
serviced with a batch of suspected atypical aviation fuel.

how can this happen ?

edit : link

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