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Super cooled water and the dog

You may well ask!

Well the dog was out walking and gathered and wonderful “coat” of frost and on beautiful clear sunny day.

This got me thinking. I have had rim ice in clear air. Funnily enough on the news that very evening the met guy said there had been very unusual conditions that day with super cooled water in the atmosphere. The air temperature was around +1C to +2C, with a good frost still on the ground from over night, and lots of the spiky frost which accumulates on hedges and plants, but the air was clear.

It reminded me of flying on a beautiful night – you could see for miles (although it was dark). Not long up and four or five other aircraft all reported significant icing and making a run back to the airport. I left the boots off, and quickly accumulated ice, which of course they happily attended to, so was left to enjoy the evening.

Of course the dog lacks any boots, but fortunately thawed out very quickly and has made a fully recovery without having had to make an advisory landing.

Clearly a furry leading edge is no low cost solution to icing.

Last Edited by Fuji_Abound at 11 Jan 21:12

You might be talking about the same day as this walk, not too far from you Lots of supercooled water, as well as a supercooled gurl

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

What a cool dog!


Thank you

Oooohhh – this is a cute shniffle !!

We need a dog-thread !


Beautiful dog.



We inherited this character many years ago. He liked sunshine and comfort in equal measure and didn’t expect to have to choose between the two.

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

I’ve a mad spaniel

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